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Modeling and real-time simulation of power electronics


Using the new dSPACE Power RealTime Library, it is now faster and easier to simulate circuit models that were developed in SimPowerSystems (MathWorks Simulink). Two typical application areas are wind energy generators and electric drives in vehicles and aircraft.

The dSPACE Power RealTime Library provides mean value models of power electronics bridge circuits that precisely emulate the electrical characteristics of fast-switching power semiconductor devices. The calculation speed for fast real-time simulation is increased by pre-calculation of model states and convenient model separation across several computational nodes. Further library blocks and functions for easy integration of models in asynchronous rasters help avoid interference effects.

dSPACE PowerRealTime extension for SimPowerSystems

About SimPowerSystems

SimPowerSystems is a blockset in MATLAB/Simulink that can simulate electric circuits and power electronics circuits based on schematic circuit representation. Circuit elements such as resistance, inductance, capacitance, semiconductor switches, and transformers from the SimPowerSystems libraries can be included in a Simulink model and coupled via symbolic electrical connections.

Using Power Electronics Systems

Electric drives are being integrated into a growing number of basic, complex, and safety-relevant vehicle functions in automotive applications such as mild or full hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, electric brake systems, drivetrain actuators, electric power steering (EPS), auxiliary units (oil and water pumps), etc.

The areas of energy and automation technology offer even more application fields for power electronics.

dSPACE products accelerate the development of electronic control unit (ECU) software for traditional topologies of electric drive technology and for power electronics inverters used for decentralized power generation in wind farms or photovoltaic systems.

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