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Official real-world fuel consumption measurements for Peugeot, Citroën and DS vehicles


The PSA Group is fulfilling its commitments to customers by publishing the results of real-world fuel consumption tests for 30 core models.

The results come from a test procedure established with two non-governmental organizations, Transport & Environment (T&E) and France Nature Environment (FNE), and have been audited by Bureau Veritas. Reliable and reproducible, the test procedure measures the real-world fuel consumption of PSA customers.

Based on the European Union’s Real Driving Emissions (RDE) project, the procedure measures real-word fuel consumption by means of a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) installed on the vehicle. Bureau Veritas, an independent body, guarantees the procedure, ensuring that it is conducted in line with specifications and that the results are reliable.

The measurements were made on public roads open to traffic (25 km urban, 39 km rural and 31 km motorway) and under real-life driving conditions, notably with passenger and luggage loads, road gradients, and the use of air-conditioning systems. The measurements are comparable to those made by PSA customers (obtained from independent customer surveys). They show that the procedure designed with T&E and FNE is scientifically robust, reproducible and representative of a typical driver.

In November 2015, with collapsing consumer confidence in car testing, the PSA Group decided to take a unique approach by publishing real-world fuel consumption data for its cars in order to be transparent with customers. It undertook to do this with respected environmental organizations and certification partners. This initiative is a world first in the automotive industry.

PEMS measurements on Peugeot 508

By the end of 2016, the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands will offer a simulator on their websites to enable customers to predict their vehicles’ fuel consumption based on driving style and conditions (city/country/motorway mix, vehicle load, etc.). At the same time, an eco driving application will also be made available online to customers to help them manage their fuel consumption.

Commenting on the announcement, Gilles Le Borgne, Executive Vice President, Research & Development, said: “The PSA Group has today published real-world consumption data for 30 Peugeot, Citroën and DS models, in line with the commitment to transparency made in October 2015. As part of its drive to continuously provide customers with more information, the Group will publish figures for another 20 models by the end of the year and introduce a simulator allowing customers to reduce their fuel consumption depending on driving conditions, thereby lowering their CO2 emissions. In 2017, the PSA Group will move to the next level by extending measurements to pollutant emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in real-world customer driving conditions.

Greg Archer, Clean Vehicles Director at Transport & Environment, said: “This real-world test provides more representative information to consumers than new laboratory tests, helping them to choose the most fuel-efficient, low-carbon models.”

14 Peugeot modelsT&E procedure (l/100 km)Standard procedure (l/100 km)
108 1.2l PureTech 82 BVM5 15” STD tires6.14.3
208 1.6l BlueHDi 100 BVM5 16” VLRR* tires4.73.5
208 1.6l BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM5 16” ULRR** tires4.73
2008 1.6l BlueHDi 100 BVM5 16” VLRR tires5.13.7
2008 1.6l BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM6 16” VLRR tires5.23.7
2008 1.2l PureTech 82 BVM5 16” VLRR tires6.44.9
2008 1.2l PureTech 110 S&S EAT6 16” VLRR tires7.14.8
308 1.6l BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM6 16” ULRR tires4.93.2
308 1.2l PureTech 130 S&S BVM6 16” VLRR tires6.64.6
308 1.2l PureTech 110 S&S BVM5 16” ULRR tires6.34
3008 1.6l BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM6 17” VLRR tires6.14.1
3008 1.2l PureTech 130 S&S BVM6 17” ULRR tires7.64.9
508 2.0l BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6 17” ULRR tires6.34
PARTNER 1.6l BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM5 15” VLRR tires6.14.3

*VLRR: Very Low Rolling Resistance

**ULRR: Ultra Low Rolling Resistance

11 Citroën modelsT&E procedure (l/100 km)Standard procedure (l/100 km)
C1 PureTech 82 BVM Feel 15” STD tires6.14.3
C3 PureTech 82 BVM Exclusive 16” VLRR tires6.34.6
C3 Picasso BlueHDi 100 BVM Confort 16” VLRR tires5.73.8
C3 BlueHDi 75 S&S BVM 15” ULRR tires4.93.0
C4 Cactus BlueHDi 100 BVM Shine 16” VLRR tires5.13.6
C4 Cactus PureTech 110 S&S BVM Shine 16” VLRR tires6.14.3
C4 BlueHDi 100 BVM Feel 16” VLRR tires5.13.6
C4 Picasso BlueHDi 120 S&S EAT6 Intensive 17” VLRR tires6.53.9
Grand C4 Picasso BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM6 Attraction 16” ULRR tires5.74.0
Grand C4 Picasso PureTech 130 S&S BVM6 Intensive 17” VLRR tires7.45.0
Berlingo BlueHDi 100 BVM 15” VLRR tires6.14.3
PEMS measurements on DS3
3 DS modelsT&E procedure (l/100 km)Standard procedure (l/100 km)
DS 3 BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM6 Sport Chic5.03.6
DS 3 PureTech 110 S&S BVM So Chic6.04.3
DS 4 BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM So Chic5.43.8


Source: PSA Group

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