The Valeo autonomous vehicle

Valeo has presented its autonomous vehicle for the first time in France, at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux.

Valeo has offered motorists the opportunity to experience highly automated driving in real traffic conditions on Bordeaux’s A630 highway, on board its Valeo Cruise4U demonstration autonomous vehicle.

Valeo autonomous driving
When conditions allow, the driver can decide either to control the vehicle manually or to let Valeo Cruise4U take over the driving, steering, accelerating and breaking. The Valeo laser scanner linked to the Valeo camera – which uses Mobileye image processing technology – scans the environment in front of the vehicle, detecting any obstacles with extreme precision. The Valeo Cruise4U demonstrator therefore includes enhanced active safety features that make driving safer in both manual and automated mode, and also help improve the efficiency of car travel.

A pioneer in the field of intuitive driving, Valeo has also presented at the 22nd ITS World Congress its latest innovations designed to make the car of the future safer and more intuitive to drive:

  • Valeo Mobius™ is a cockpit concept that provides a visual display of automated driving options. Combining technology from a number of Group innovations, this interface allows motorists to switch smoothly from automated to manual driving mode in complete safety. It also offers a host of new services for drivers to use when the car is driving itself.Valeo Mobius cockpit
  • Valeo InBlue® is a vehicle entry/start system that enables drivers to use their smartphone to lock, unlock and start their car. It also facilitates car sharing, provides access to such vehicle data as tire pressure, fuel level and vehicle location, and allows drivers to remotely control parking and windshield de-icing and cleaning (Remote Clean4U™).Valeo InBlue

Valeo’s telematics solutions are also on display, in collaboration with its partner peiker.

  • The Valeo SCALA laser scanner, the product of a partnership with IBEO, is the key enabler in the “Valeo Cruise4U” highly automated driving system. Data collected from the Valeo SCALA is integrated with information from the vehicle’s other sensors to create a map of the environment, allowing the system to analyze and anticipate events around the vehicle.

Source: Valeo

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