7 Best 4×4 Vans for Camping or Off-Roading in Review

Although it is possible to find a van with all-wheel drive, it is usually an aftermarket option and not very common. Rear-wheel drives are a common feature on most vans. This can be helpful if you need to tow heavy loads in snowy areas or want to explore off the beaten path. Source URL

Mitsubishi Delica Bushmaster (Australian) 4×4 van

The Bushmaster, which is built on the same platform as the Mitsubishi Outlander, is more of a car than a truck-based van. However, it can still carry eight people and a lot of gear. The Iveco Daily is a large truck that can be started with a 4×4 van. Source URL

Ford Transit 4×4 van

The Transit has intelligent all-wheel drive, which gives you greater confidence in driving to your destination, even if it’s in Acushnet or anywhere else. An all-wheeled vehicle can be a vehicle that can reach destinations that two-wheel-drive vans are not capable of reaching. Source URL

Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Van

As you may know, I have a Sprinter Van. I’m currently on my second one. A Sprinter van is the best option for me because it has a factory 4×4 option. This was a non-negotiable decision for me as we spend a lot of time in snow and on dirt roads. Source URL

Mercedes offers a high-riding four-wheel drive option for buyers who need off-road performance. These 4×4 models have low-ratio gearing, and the system uses clever 4ETS electronic traction control to automatically send drive to the wheels that have the best grip. All Sprinter models have drive to rear, but the Sprinter’s floor must be slightly higher than front-wheel-drive competitors such as the VW Crafter or Renault Master. The Sprinter largest Sprinter model makes the most of its LWB dimensions to claim 17 cubic metres of space. This is comparable to rear-drive panel vans like the Iveco Daily and VW Crafters, and Vauxhall Movano. Source URL

As soon as I saw the Sprinter, I was eager to drive it to the middle of nowhere and live my life in its tall cargo area. This van is unstoppable on tough trails with its extra ground clearance and true four-wheel drive. As long as the van’s center of gravity isn’t too high, it will be unstoppable. This vehicle is so cool that I can see it rolling up to a national park campsite and being the most powerful vehicle at the campgrounds. It’s sweet, as long as you have a legitimate need for its capabilities. We know which van to choose for the apocalypse. Source URL

For all your extreme glamping needs. Sprinter 4×4 Cargo Van is the perfect vehicle for adrenaline junkies who also need to keep their heads above water. You can take your entire home with you off-roading with the spacious back. You also can bring up to 15 friends with optional seating. Take them wherever you want! This vehicle can be driven on any surface, from wet mud to dust-like sand. Source URL

Torsus 4×4 van

Although the 4×4 van is actually more of a bus, it’s cool and it’s made in Australia. The Torsus van is a van that can be ordered on a MAN platform. It can hold 35 people. Source URL

Iveco Daily 4×4

Even the Dakar Rally has seen an Iveco truck bound over dunes. The Iveco Daily van’s toughness is well-known when paired with a 2.3-liter or 3-liter diesel engine and a six-speed manual transmission or automated manual transmission. Below is the Ivecos Daily 4×4, which features full-time 4×2 with high and low range, as well as front, centre, and rear differential lockers. Source URL

Mercedes Tourig Camper Van

Most people choose a more traditional option when it comes to overlanding rigs. A large SUV with a roof-mounted tent and a pickup truck that can tow a rugged all-terrain camping trailer are the most popular options. Some people don’t like the idea of sleeping outside in the Great Outdoors. This is where RVs and off-road camper vans come in. TouRig’s four-wheel-drive, hardcore four-wheeled campervan is the perfect choice if you prefer something like an EarthRoamer or Unicat. Source URL

Toyota Sienna AWD

Despite having many options for minivans to choose from, we were surprised to discover that there were no 4WD options. We will be looking at some of the most popular minivan models, including the only minivan with AWD, the Toyota Sienna. Source URL

Can you convert a van into a 4×4 van?

Sportsmobile offers a variety of van conversions that can be used for off-roading. These include the Sportsmobile Ford-based Classic 4×4 and Sprinter 4×4. Source URL

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