aem tuning performance software review for infinity ecu

AEM Tuning Software and Performance Review for Infinity ECU

AEM Performance Electronics is a performance automotive aftermarket company based in Hawthorne, California. They devise innovative products for racers of all stripes to optimize the performance of their engines. Today we’re going to be talking about AEM tuning. Specifically, we’ll be looking at a couple of their Infinity engine control units (ECU for short). Pictured:

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best vw engine for volkswagen car

Which VW Engine is the Best for Your Next Volkswagen Car?

The 1.8L TSI engine from the EA888 (that’s “E-A-triple-8”) family was first introduced in 2007 by Audi AG. It replaced the EA1113 series of 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter engines and has been continually refined and modified ever since its introduction. The 1.8L TSI engine from the EA888 family. Source: EnginesWork. Despite being originally made for Audi

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best duramax engine on display

The Best Duramax Engine for Your Next Truck: Full Review

Duramax is a family of 6.6L diesel engines designed by General Motors. They are produced by the Ohio-located diesel manufacturer DMAX, which itself is a joint venture between GMC and Isuzu, a Japanese vehicle and diesel engine company. An LML Duramax engine. Did you ever notice how much an engine look like a heart? As

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best ford diesel engines

Review the Best Ford Diesel Engines to Buy with Your Next Ford Truck

Have you ever thought about getting a Truck with a diesel engine? I admit that I never thought about it much myself. But the more I learned about diesel and its advantages over gasoline engines, the more diesel engines piqued my interest. A Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engine. Source: Engine Builder Magazine. Diesel engines are

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How to Find the Best COBB Tuning Shops Near Me

COBB Tuning is an American aftermarket tuning company that specializes in European and Japanese brands. These include BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan. For good measure, COBB also offers a wide selection of Ford products and services. They are an expert manufacturer with an in-house engineering team, allowing them to bring products to

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The Best Porsche Tuning Shops and Companies in the United States

Porsche owners are known to have some pretty strong opinions about their favorite tuning companies. Different shops have wildly different approaches to the technical and aesthetic facets of Porsche restoration. Some have elevated the process to nothing less than a genuine art form. Choosing the right tuning company for your Porsche is matter of performance,

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best suv for towing review

Best SUVs for Towing Review

Introduction The best SUVs for towing are those that perform well in terms of the amount they can pull. For the past two decades, automakers have moved away from truck-based, frame-on-body designs because consumers want more comfortable driving and better use of space. But these new car-based SUVs, or “crossovers,” don’t always rise to the

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Eaton's Cylinder deactivation system

Eaton’s engine cylinder deactivation new technology

Eaton Cylinder Deactivation – CDA system is the most direct way to reduce CO2 emission, and at the same time improve fuel economy through driving cycle. It overcomes the obstacles of designing a high performance engine that is optimized for fuel efficiency. CDA deactivates the cylinders of the engine whenever full power is not needed.

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Growth in biodiesel production by region untill 2011

Biofuels 2016 overview and general outlook report by IFPEN

With falling fossil fuel prices, 2015 was marked by a general decline in the appeal of alternative fuels. But although growth in worldwide volume of biofuels production and consumption is slowing, blending requirements continue to increase and investment, though declining, is still taking place. To ensure the long-term sustainability of biofuel processes, a variety of

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Continental water-cooled urea injection valve

New Continental AdBlue® Urea Dosing System

September 1, 2017 is looming large on the horizon. From this date, exhaust-gas measurements during the type approval of new cars will also be taken under real driving conditions in Europe. Since, for nitrogen-oxide emissions from diesel engines in particular, significant differences have emerged between laboratory values and real driving emissions (RDE), exhaust-gas tests on

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V-Motech solutions for meeting RDE regulations

Today more than ever the antipollution RDE regulations established by the environmental authorities are mandatory and hard to achieve. “To face current and future compulsory constraints imposed on all the automotive sector, our added value consists in developing and providing accurate and reliable tests facilities to conduct emission tests”, explains Stéphane Olevier, C.E.O. of V-Motech.

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Fuel filters optimization through 3D simulation

Fuel filters developed for cars have to meet stricter and stricter requirements, yet they also need to be ready for the market in ever shorter periods of time. Designers caught between these two demands now have support in the form of a simulation tool: it calculates all the relevant characteristics of filter design – cleaning

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Continental_PP_Close Coupled Catalyst 1.jpg

Close Coupled Catalyst for Heavy Commercial Vehicles

At the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover (September 22–29), the international technology company Continental will present a solution for close coupled exhaust gas aftertreatment systems in heavy commercial vehicles. Positioning the diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) near the engine means that the volume of the DOC can be reduced by around 30%. At the

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Continental Turbo with radial-axial turbine

New Continental Turbocharger with RAAX™ Turbine technology

The first Continental turbocharger with the innovative RAAX™ turbine technology, now in production on the Audi A3’s new 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine (2.0l TFSI EA888, generation 3B), marks a new chapter in Continental’s turbocharger business. Significantly improved engine response is one of the benefits of this new product. The automotive supplier Continental is a relative

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Aeristech eSurbocharger

Next generation 48V eSupercharger from Aeristech

High-tech innovation company, Aeristech have put the electric supercharger through durability and performance testing and are looking for partnerships for mass manufacture. “We describe our eSupercharger as a ‘next generation’ product because it is the first to deliver continuous high level boost, unlike other systems reaching the market now which are limited to intermittent operation,”

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Continental Ring catalyst can

Continental Ring catalyst for 3-way catalytic converters

Continental has chosen the 37th Vienna Motor Symposium to present an innovative emissions control solution for downsized turbocharged gasoline engines. The introduction of Real Driving Emissions legislation will require vehicles with this widely used engine concept to meet strict nitrogen oxide (NOx) limits in all driving situations. This poses a new challenge by demanding efficient

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International conference on Turbochargers

This international conference organized by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers is the next in the Institution’s successful series, held regularly since 1978, addressing current and novel aspects of turbocharging systems design, boosting solutions for engine downsizing and improvements in efficiency.[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”C6231-Turbocharging” title=”C6231-Turbocharging”]https://www.car-engineer.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/C6231-Turbocharging-614×190.jpg[/image_frame] The Kia Oval, London 17 May 2016 – 18 May 2016

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Pierburg new Electric compressor

The New Pierburg electric compressor

Pierburg GmbH has developed an electric compressor for spontaneously boosting the charge pressure of engines fitted with an exhaust-gas turbocharger. This component allows pressure to be increased regardless of the exhaust-gas energy availability. The outcome: a more enjoyable ride and enhanced engine efficiency. The compressor is compatible with both gasoline and diesel engines. The initial

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Mercedes-Benz OM-654 Aluminum engine

The new Mercedes-Benz four-cylinder diesel engine OM 654

The new four-cylinder diesel unit OM 654 marks the debut of a new family of engines from Mercedes-Benz. High efficiency and reduced emissions ensure that the premium diesel is future-proof while underlining the key role to be played by the diesel engine in achieving the challenging global climate targets. The first all-aluminum four-cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz

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Continental urea sensor for SCR systems

Urea sensor for SCR systems

Exhaust-gas aftertreatment is highly instrumental in further reducing motor vehicle emissions. Alongside reducing CO2 emissions, minimizing the level of harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions is one of the greatest challenges for the automotive industry. That is why the technology company Continental has been driving forward development of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology since 2011. Many passenger cars

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