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www.car-engineer.com, a new website dedicated to automotive engineering

Starting from 16th of December 2012, a new website dedicated to automotive engineering is launched. www.car-engineer.com is about news and feature articles sourced from automotive industry, academics, and laboratories. It is a completely free website which favors interactivity with the reader through possibility to comment articles, to post articles and to discuss in a coming soon forum. The website is available both in French and English.

www.car-engineer.com is designed and fed by Romain Nicolas and Charlie Constant, two engineers working in the automotive industry and life-long friends.

“We decided to build something together, something linked to our passion: cars. Starting up a business was too challenging as we were just starting our career in our respective companies, so we decided to create this website. It was the best way for us to share our passion and our knowledge with whoever is interested in automotive engineering,” says Charlie Constant.

The website is organized around news coming from press releases but also home-made articles based on several sources. Both news and articles focus on the technical and engineering side of depicted systems and the level of complexity vary from an article to another.

“Everything was done to build an user friendly architecture for the website, as we wanted the reader not to get lost in the complexity of a today’s car. So we decided to split the classification of technical articles in several levels, so that the reader finds easily what he is looking for,” says Romain Nicolas.

www.car-engineer.com contains also an agenda with coming automotive related events, job descriptions and a media area containing photos, videos and tools to download.

December 16th, 2012

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