What is the Most Reliable Diesel Engine

Although it is simple in concept but difficult in execution, the art of compressing air, injecting fuel, and extracting power is still in use today, 120 years later. Diesel engines are more durable than other types because of the high compression required to heat the air to the ignition temperature for diesel fuel. This rugged construction has the added benefits of reliability and longevity. Source URL

What is the most reliable diesel engine in the world?

Cummins engines are often get confused by people. Diesel truck enthusiasts are quick to tell you that Cummins makes some of the most durable and powerful diesel engines available. Many people consider the Cummins diesel engine to be superior to the rest. It produces the horsepower and torque that trucks need to tow heavy loads. Its quality components allow it to last a long time when properly maintained and serviced. Source URL

The OM617 five-cylinder turbodiesel is perhaps the most reliable automobile engine ever made. In 1979, the E-Class had 110 horsepower and 168 pounds-feet (a power-to-weight ratio 33 pounds per horse). This meant that drivers of the E class (they weren’t yet known as that name) had to be patient when they faced situations like uphill freeway on-ramps or tight passing situations on two-lane roads. However, the non-turbo four- cylinder diesel of the 240D sedan you bought in that year produced 62 horses. The 48-horsepower Rabbit Diesel, which I had in high school driver’s education, was slower than any other car, is not possible. The 240D’s 48.5 pound-per horsepower ratio beats the Rabbit’s 36.5 Source URL

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