22 GIFs of Rolling Coal You Won’t Believe

These truck “coal rollers” are part of a bygone time, and you’ll see why. We’ve put together the most popular GIFs from around the web. These heavy duty exhausts will blow your mind, among other things.

This photographer stepped a little to close to danger zone, and this truck let em know to keep distance.
When you’re stopped next to a truck, do us all a favor, and make sure your window’s up.
Can’t blame this truck. Such an easy target!
When you find some time on your hands, and you’ve got a hose lying around, why not?
You knew we had to include it somewhere
How do you REALLY know your towing capacity?
Truck on truck action…
I think we all know what’s happening here…
What’s the point of having a lifted monster truck if you can’t smash and drive in wreck-less abandonment?
We’ve all been there….
Can I get a tow?
How to pass the time with your truck after a fresh winter snow.
How do you make a truck disappear?
Rolling coal cam
I’d hate to see this truck in my rearview….
This truck is going for the height record.
Great truck for a sneaky getaway
0-60 while rolling coal
Nothing about this truck seems like a good idea…
Would hate to be behind this truck
Advice: never make a bet where you might have to do this

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