Review the Best Nitto Tires for All Terrain (AT), Seasons, Mud (MT)

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Nitto vs Toyo


Best Nitto Tires



Each Nitto tire is meticulously designed by engineers. From choosing the right raw materials to the rubber and polymer that will form the tire to the manufacturing process, which must pass quality checks at each step, the process starts with the selection of the right materials.

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As Japanese export tuner cars became popular in the 1990s, Nitto gained huge popularity. Nitto Tires targeted this market with a wide range of high-performance tires. Today Nitto tires are known for making some of the best quality tires that improve acceleration, braking, and cornering capabilities of vehicles. Source URL

Nitto vs Toyo Tires

Nitto Tires, a Japanese company, was established in 1949. For almost 30 years, Nitto fulfilled local demand and exported, until Toyo Tires purchased them. Nitto is still a subsidiary of Toyo, but they are now based in the U.S. and exclusively make tires for North American markets. Source URL

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Lifespan of Nitto Tires

There are many online comments from owners who have made it to 20,000 to 30,000 miles without any complaints. However, feedback drops off steadily around that point. Nitto offers a standard warranty on these tires, but they don’t guarantee any milage claims. This is in contrast to the BFGoodrich K02 Tires which have a mileage guarantee of 50,000. Source URL 

Best Nitto AT (All Terrain) Tires

Nitto Ridge Grappler

This tire combines Nitto’s all-terrain and mud terrain technology to create a tough beast that can withstand any terrain. Features such as step-block edges and variable pitch tread patterns, as well as lateral Z grooves in a zig-zag pattern, provide biting edges to provide traction. The tread’s shoulder grooves remove mud from the tread to give you a firm grip when it matters. The stone ejectors push rocks from treads to prevent damage to the grooves. This tire is dynamic and can be used on all terrains. Source URL

Ridge Grappler is a hybrid-terrain tire. It combines elements of all-terrair and mud-tread tires with an on-road tire, and is more likely to be more focused on performance in this category. Source URL

Customer Review: These are so quiet, so good…Smoother turns, steady on the highway at high speeds. They haven’t slipped in heavy rain conditions. They look great crawling over ditches and curbs. These tires are amazing for an off-road-capable tire. If you are looking for hybrid on-road, off-roading tires, I highly recommend them.

Nitto Dune Grappler DT

Nitto’s Dune Grappler DT is a combination of aggressive off-road capabilities and refined on-road comfort and drivability. The tire is designed for small- to large pickups and SUVs, and is only available at Discount Tire. It comes in a variety of load ratings, including D and E sizes. You can also choose from LT and P-metric sizes. Source URL

Despite its quiet appearance, the Dune Grappler is a quiet tire. It is easy to travel 70 mph down the highway and talk to anyone in your vehicle. Based on reports from other drivers, tread life is usually in the 40,000 mile range. Nitto has created a tire that is both on-road and off-road. Source URL

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

Nitto’s Grappler line of tires is available for trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Trail Grapplers M/T is a mud terrain tire that can be used on and off-road. Mud Grappler M/TS is an extreme mud tire that compromises on-road grip (and quietness) to provide incredible offroad performance. The 3-ply polyester sidewall can withstand punctures. Source URL

Is the Nitto Trail Grappler MT good for the highway? The TrailGrappler is a mud-terrain tire, so it will be louder than other tires. However, it is quieter than true MT tires. Nitto claims that it is 34% quieter at low speeds and 36% quieter on the highway than the Mud Grapplers. Source URL

Nitto NT555 Extreme ZR

Two wide steel belts are included in the tire. They are joined by jointless edge ply caps, which provide strength and stability at higher speeds. This keeps you in control of the tire, whether you are driving straight down the road or around corners. Nitto offers sizes from 17-22 inches to go along with a Z-speed rating. Source URL

Nitto Exo Grappler AWT

Nitto has created gear-shaped block edges for this tire. These are designed to provide a more stable contact area. The spiral-shaped stone ejectors are also available to eliminate stone retention and drilling. These can be seen immediately on gravel roads. Variable tread pitch technology gives this model a quiet ride on the highway. Source URL

Nitto Crosstek 2

All-weather tires are known for their ability to grip on different surfaces, such as snowy, slippery, and dry, which provides a safe and comfortable driving experience all year round. The Nitto Crosstek 2 all-season option is the perfect choice. Source URL

Nitto Tires Warranty and Mileage

Nitto Ridge Grappler

All Nitto tires come with a limited factory warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. Nitto will replace any defective tires within the first 25% of tread wear and the first 60 months of ownership. defective tires that exceed the 25% tread wear rating will be replaced on a pro-rated basis. Installation will be covered by Nitto. Ridge Grappler does not come with limited treadwear coverage. Source URL

Nitto’s standard warranty covers the tire. They will replace the tire if there are any defects in workmanship or materials. Tires that are less than 25% worn and are within 60 months of the original purchase date will be covered. Keep receipts. You will not be allowed to use a receipt if you do not have one. The manufacturing date (printed on the sidewall) will be used if you don’t. Installation and taxes are additional. Source URL

Nitto Trail Grappler

The Trail Grappler MT does not come with a guarantee on its milage, but it is covered by Nitto’s standard limited warranty. There are three stages to this warranty. Nitto will replace any tire that is less than 1/32 inches in length and has a defect in materials or workmanship. If any tire is less then 25% in wear and is 60 months or older, Nitto can replace it free of charge. Nitto will replace all tires that have less than 25% wear and are not found to have any defects in materials, workmanship, or condition. The first two cases will cover mounting and balancing, but the owner must pay for tires with more than 25%. Source URL

For the first six years, all materials and workmanship are guaranteed. Nitto will replace any defective tires within the first year (or first 2/32-inch treadwear, whichever comes first) free of charge. Nitto will then replace defective tires pro-rated on a pro rating basis. Source URL

Nitto Crosstek 2

Nitto Crosstek 2 offers a limited treadwear warranty. Owners of all sizes of tires can take advantage of the mileage warranty. Non-LT metric tires with a T or S speed rating are eligible for the 60,000-mile limited treadgear warranty for non-LT sizes. Non LT metric sizes with H or V speed ratings are also covered by a limited warranty of 50,000 miles. Source URL

Nitto Dura Grappler

Nitto backs Dura Grappler with a limited treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles on P-Metric sizes, while heavy duty models have a 45,000 mile warranty. We are a little disappointed that the warranty isn’t higher (which doesn’t mean that you won’’t see more miles on your tires than 60k), but the new Terra Grapplers G2 all-terrain tire, which is a dedicated all-wheel tire, comes with a 65,000-mile warranty. Many rivals offer a 70,000mile guarantee. Source URL

Nitto Dune Grappler

Warranty Nitto offers a 1/32 inch wear guarantee for the tire’s uniformity. Materials and workmanship are backed for five years. This includes the first year or first 2/32 inches of wear-free replacement. The remaining period is prorated or to the last 2/3 inches of tread depth. Source URL

Nitto Motivo

Nitto covers the Motivo for 5 years or 60,000-mile tread warranty. Materials and workmanship are backed for five years and can be replaced in 25% of wear. Nitto Tires offers a prorated amount until 2/32 inches remain. Source URL

Nitto Mud Grappler

The Nitto Mud Grappler does not come with a mileage warranty, which is a common feature on mud-terrain tires. Nitto’s standard limited warranty covers materials and workmanship for 5 years, and up to 2/32 inches. This covers replacement of the tires on a pro-rated basis. This warranty covers free replacement of any treadwear that has faults in materials or workmanship. Source URL

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