What are the Best Tires for a Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup Truck: Review

The F250 Super Duty is a powerful heavy duty truck that is up to almost any job you can throw at it. Because of this, picking the right set of tires is incredibly important and can make a big difference in both dependability and performance. Tires that are up to par with your vehicle’s abilities can elevate it to a new level and get you a better ride and more responsive handling. Finding the best tires for an F250 Super Duty can take your truck to the next level.

Figure 1: The F250 Super Duty is a powerful truck for all kinds of work and off-road applications. Source: TireDeets.com.

Since the F250 Super Duty is such a heavy duty vehicle, you are going to want to find the tires that are up to the job. However, with so many available on the market, it can be difficult to nail down what the best tires for an F250 Super Duty are. Fortunately, today’s post is all about the best sets of tires you can get for your truck and what the features are that can help it reach its maximum potential.

We have put together a short list of the best tires for an F250 Super Duty to help you figure out the set that will best suit your needs and expectations. By using this list, your truck will be up to any task no matter what it might be.

Source: CarAndDriver.com.

What Makes a Great Tire for a Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup Truck?

We spoke to a tire specialist at Wheel Works who told us that “the Super Duty has the Power Stroke diesel in it, so it’s a really powerful work truck. Most people use it for work, so an all-terrain tire is a good idea if that sounds like you. That way, the truck will be able to pull itself out of the mud and get to job sites without spinning the wheels.”

Figure 2: All terrain tires give you the best traction in adverse conditions. Source: FordAuthority.com.

All terrain tires are the best tires for an F250 Super Duty due to their usability in almost any weather condition or terrain. They use specialized compounds that are resistant to things like chipping and punctures, which are common in work applications. They will also use tread design technology that is meant to move debris out from under the contact patch of the tire. This is done with circumferential grooves that run along the middle of the tire and create passages for gravel and mud to travel through. This will give you a better grip and allow for less leakage from the engine during the transfer of power to the wheels.


The best tires for an F250 Super Duty will also have an incredibly solid construction. Many all terrain tires will use a material called Kevlar in the sidewall construction. Kevlar is the same thing that is used in bulletproof vests and is incredibly durable. Using this material in the construction means that the tires will be tough enough to resist puncture in heavy duty applications. Things like tree roots, rocks and other hazards will keep you from getting stuck with a flat at a work site or in an off-roading situation.

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How Did We Pick The Best Tires for a Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup Truck?

In picking out our short list of the best tires for an F250 Super Duty, we went through the heavy duty all terrain market and found the best of the best. By doing this, we were able to find sets that encompassed all of the qualities you will need in order to have a safe, reliable ride in your Super Duty no matter what kind of terrain or conditions you are driving in. This helps make your truck a powerful workhorse that will be as versatile as possible for all kinds of work and off-roading applications.

Figure 3: The best tires for the F250 Super Duty will have a reinforced internal construction to resist punctures and shredding. Source: TreadMagazine.com.

The set on our list of the best tires for an F250 Super Duty all have extremely durable and innovative construction technologies. They utilize materials like Kevlar and strong polyester casing to resist punctures and keep the tires rolling even in some of the most challenging conditions. If you are regularly using your F250 Super Duty for work and off-roading, odds are you have run into terrain like mud and heavy gravel. These materials will keep you from getting  a flat in these conditions and keep you on the road.


They also all use some kind of stone ejection technology in their tread design. This technology utilizes ledges around the tire that push large objects out from under the tire. This keeps sharp objects and large debris from becoming lodged in the tire and eventually leading to a puncture or a loss of traction. They also use nubs in the tread design that give a massive biting edge to prevent slipping in mud and moderate snow. If your tires are not providing enough traction on the terrain, it doesn’t matter how powerful your engine is. That’s why all the tires on our short list of the best tires for an F250 Super Duty are suited for even the most adverse terrain and road conditions. 

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1.   Goodyear Wrangler All Terrain Adventure

Figure 4: The Wrangler All Terrain Adventure by Goodyear has an incredibly strong construction for maximum stability and puncture resistance. Source: TireRack.com.

The Wrangler All Terrain Adventure by Goodyear is one of the best tires for an F250 Super Duty due to its superior durability and innovative compound. Using a long wearing tread compound with chip and chunk resistance, they have one of the strongest constructions available on the market. Because of this, they are a great option for people who do a lot of off-road driving with their Super Duty and want the most reliability possible from a tire.

The Wrangler All Terrain Adventure uses an innovative and varied symmetric tread design with open shoulder blocks. These blocks expel gravel and other large debris out from under the truck and give you better traction on loose terrain like dirt and mud. Keeping a more solid contact patch under the vehicle will always translate into better power transfer from the engine. This gives you more available power in any type of off-roading situation.

Source: TireRack.com.

2.   Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT

Figure 5: The Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT can adapt to almost any road condition or terrain. Source: TireRack.com.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT is an all terrain tire that is perfect for owners of work trucks and heavy duty vehicles who are looking to get the most out of their tires. Designed specifically to attack even the most daunting jobs, there is almost nothing that they can’t handle. Using  a shred resistant silica compound, the Discoverer can adapt to almost any road condition. The dynamic compound is meant to change and flex with the terrain, giving you soid grip anywhere you might take it.

The shape of the Discoverer’s footprint was developed to give you the most even contact patch possible. This allows you to take it almost anywhere and still have a comfortable ride, even in some of the most difficult terrain. It also helps improve handling on asphalt and gives you more responsive steering in on-road situations.

The tread pattern utilizes Whisper Grooves between the tread blocks that reduce noise at high speeds on the highway, which can be an issue with all terrain tires that have more complex tread patterns. They also have zig-zag shaped sipes along the outer edge to give you solid biting edges that prevent slipping in mud, snow and other loose terrain.

Source: TireRack.com.

3.   BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2

Figure 6: The Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 by BFGoodrich uses independent tread blocks to flex against the terrain and give you the best possible traction. Source: TireRack.com.

The Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 by BFGoodrich is an off-road tire that delivers maximum traction in mud and dirt. If you consistently drive in these conditions, this is one of the best tires for an F250 Super Duty.

The off-road tread compound is designed to flex along with the driving surface through independent tread blocks. These help clear mud out of the grooves and give you solid traction when rock climbing and doing other heavy duty off-roading. By flexing with the terrain, you can take your Super Duty on all kinds of adventures and not have to worry about a ride that is unsustainable or damaging to the truck’s suspension.

The internal structure of the Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 BFGoodrich’s Krawler TEK sidewalls and two steel belts to keep stability and maintain structural integrity. This allows them to resist puncturing and shredding that can occur when doing heavy off-roading. These sidewalls are 33% stronger than the tire’s previous model and can withstand much more abuse on trails and other tough terrain. They are also reinforced with a strand of bead wire that is wrapped within the tire’s internal structure to give even more stability and a solid ride no matter where you’re driving.

Source: TireRack.com.