Month: December 2012


CRITT M2A, Turbocharger tests specialist

In operation since 2009, the CRITT M2A’s Turbo Test Center runs a large range of tests on turbochargers for automobile, trucks and industrial engines. They propose one of the most complete offers on their 5 gas stands with, for instance, comparison surveys between engine and turbo test benches or vibration monitoring and among others features. …

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Autosport show

Autosport International show,10-13 January 2013 at Birmingham

Covering over 1 million ft², Autosport International is one of the world’s greatest four wheel indoor extravaganza.  Featuring every level of Motor Racing – from Karting up to Formula 1- and with exhibitors ranging from specialist race suppliers to major manufacturers showcasing their road and race cars; the show truly brings together the world of motorsport …

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Cadillac logo

Cadillac Performance Algorithm Liftfoot

The new Cadillac ATS contains a brand new performance-oriented component that improves acceleration control and handling through curves during spirited driving. Performance Algorithm Liftfoot (PAL) detects when the driver demands more performance from the vehicle while taking a curve and automatically drops the transmission to a lower gear to improve acceleration out of the corner. PAL …

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GR3D RLINK System from ETAS

Rapid prototyping with INTECRIO-RLINK

Automotive control functions are often specified in MATLAB®/Simulink®. With the deployment of prototyping methods, the development of control functions becomes more efficient, rapid, and reliable. Through prototyping, users can identify and correct errors early. This avoids time intensive and costly iterations during software development. Through the use of the new ETAS INTECRIO-RLINK Prototyping Blockset, Simulink® models …

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