CRITT M2A, Turbocharger tests specialist

In operation since 2009, the CRITT M2A’s Turbo Test Center runs a large range of tests on turbochargers for automobile, trucks and industrial engines. They propose one of the most complete offers on their 5 gas stands with, for instance, comparison surveys between engine and turbo test benches or vibration monitoring and among others features.

The largest independent turbo test center in Europe

The CRITT M2A is an independent R&D center located in Northern France, mainly dedicated to the automotive industry. Thanks to test rigs, CRITT M2A proposes complete studies of an engine: NVH, engine tests, turbocharger tests, metrology, etc.CRITT M2A test bench

The company has already established strong partnerships with OEMs and turbo/car manufacturers in Europe and in other parts of the world.

To keep being informed on the latest developments, meet its partners and anticipate their demands, CRITT M2A participates to international events such as the IQPC Advanced Downsizing Congress in Stuttgart, the IMECHE’s International Conference on Turbochargers in London or the Supercharging Conference in Dresden for instance…

The test equipment

The Turbo test center is equipped with 5 independent cells, all dedicated to turbochargers whether for light or heavy duty vehicles. To preserve the confidentiality of the tests and parts, all cells and their workshop for tests preparation and storage are secured by restricted access.

All the benches are powered and regulated by PAtools (provided by KRATZER AUTOMATION), thus enabling to automate the tests settings and flow reproducibility.

Moreover, in order to follow and match the customers’ wishes, CRITT M2A regularly invest in updates and upgrades, such as the setting of vibration monitoring system, additional measurement boxes, etc.

The 5 gas stands are built according to 3 standard sizes of generators:

  • Power range of burner: 200kW, 400kW or 800kW
  • Hot gas mass flow: 0.25 kg/s, 0.50 kg/s or 1.00 kg/s
  • Hot gas temperature: Mini: 150°C / Maxi: 1200°C
  • Air/Gas pressure: ± 8 bar
Source: CRITTM2A

Romain Nicolas opinion:

As the turbocharger technology is about to be installed in every single mass production engine according to the trends, OEM will need or already need support for getting expertise in this field. Hence such company have a big potential to make business all around the world. Do you think OEMs will often ask for this company’s services or develop their turbocharging solutions internally?

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