Cadillac Performance Algorithm Liftfoot

The new Cadillac ATS contains a brand new performance-oriented component that improves acceleration control and handling through curves during spirited driving.

Performance Algorithm Liftfoot (PAL) detects when the driver demands more performance from the vehicle while taking a curve and automatically drops the transmission to a lower gear to improve acceleration out of the corner. PAL is paired with ATS models with a six-speed automatic transmission, which engineers have perfected for quick-shift timing. PAL minimizes unneeded shifting and allows the driver to focus on the road and enjoy the ride.

When the ATS is in the driver selected “Sport” suspension mode and begins negotiating curves with sufficient cornering lateral force, the transmission computer commands downshifts to ensure the right gear is readily available. The lower gears aid in both braking into and maintaining control through the turn, and then accelerating out of the corner.

With continued high-throttle driving and aggressive braking, the transmission will maintain the lower gears to assist in acceleration and in preparing for the next corner.  When more moderate driving conditions are detected – lower acceleration and cornering – the transmission will upshift sequentially through the gears, and exit PAL mode.

 Source : General Motors

Charlie Constant opinion:

This function, completely oriented towards performance, can only be used with an automatic gearbox. It is perfectly adapted to the US market but will emerge with difficulty in Europe where the fuel consumption is the first priority today. Do you think that The Performance Algorithm Liftfoot, or PAL, can be well paired with ESP (electronic stability program) to improve vehicle handling performance?

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