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Euroncap tests side impact

TRW Adaptative Side Airbags

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (TRW) is unveiling its adaptive side airbag. The airbags feature a ‘flexi adaptive vent’ which can help to enhance the protection of occupants according to different crash severities.(Photo: TRW’s new side airbag system, a tether mechanism inside the airbag can close the vent during a more severe crash where the intrusion […]

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OptimumKinematics software

OptimumKinematics: suspension design and analysis software

OptimumKinematics developed by OptimumG engineers is a suspension and design analysis software. This software is specifically designed with a user-friendly interface that makes the process of computer aided suspension design and analysis much faster and more convenient. Key features Intuitive user-friendly layout that is split into three sections: design, motion and analysis. Interactive 3D visualizations that allows

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Electronically Controlled 4WD Mechanism

The Mitsubishi 4-Wheel Drive System

Electronically Controlled 4WD The electronically controlled 4WD system comes in three modes which can be chosen according to the driver’s preferences and the driving conditions. The front and rear torque distribution mechanism uses electronically controlled coupling to distribute the torque between the front and rear wheels appropriately at all times with feedforward control, based on

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