OptimumKinematics: suspension design and analysis software

OptimumKinematics developed by OptimumG engineers is a suspension and design analysis software. This software is specifically designed with a user-friendly interface that makes the process of computer aided suspension design and analysis much faster and more convenient.

Key features

  • Intuitive user-friendly layout that is split into three sections: design, motion and analysis.
  • Interactive 3D visualizations that allows for easy inspection and modification of the suspension design
  • Accuracy with over 400 data channels which can be plotted against each other or tabulated in a report. Easily compare results from multiple design iterations in customizable graphs and report tables.
  • Fast and reliable solver – OptimumKinematics has been successfully tested against the leading CAD software packages and test data collected at automotive laboratories
  • Direct application to car design and setup with tools for Design Of Experiments and flexibility in terms of units and coordinate systems


  • Choose from a variety of predefined suspension templates
  • Enter values in either metric or imperial units
  • Choose any input and/or output coordinate systems
  • Select symmetric or asymmetric suspension point input
  • Optional reference points to check ground clearance, driveshaft plunge or any length or position.


  • Over 400 outputs automatically calculated
  • Results can be plotted or tabulated
  • Graph any output against any other outp
  • Overlay results from different suspension designs for easy comparison
  • 3D visualization of suspension motion
  • Export results to CSV for analysis in your favorite software


  • Specify simultaneous steering, heave, pitch and roll motions
  • Ability to import motion from logged data from any data acquisition system

Supported actuation

  • Direct actuation
  • Push/pull rod
  • Push/pull third spring
  • Separate spring and damper
  • Torsion bars
  • Multiple springs or dampers
  • Mono-shock shuttle
  • Mono-shock T-bar
  • U-bar anti  roll bar
  • U-bar with intermediate rocker
  • T-bar anti  roll bar

Supported suspensions

  • Double A-Arm
  • Mac Pherson
  • Mac Pherson (pivot arm)
  • Live Axle Panhard Bar
  • Live Axle Watt’s Linkage
  • Five Links




Source : www.optimumg.com

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