TRW Adaptative Side Airbags

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (TRW) is unveiling its adaptive side airbag. The airbags feature a ‘flexi adaptive vent’ which can help to enhance the protection of occupants according to different crash severities.(Photo: TRW’s new side airbag system, a tether mechanism inside the airbag can close the vent during a more severe crash where the intrusion level on the side of the vehicle is typically greater. This helps to maintain pressure in the airbag for a longer duration and thus absorb more energy during a high severity impact. It also helps to reduce the probability of ‘bottoming out’ between the door trim and the occupant.

Test Side Impact

TRW anticipates that its next generation adaptive side airbags will be ready for production in 2013.

Source: TRW Automotive Holdings Corp.

Charlie Constant opinion:

This new side airbag technology will improve for sure the passive safety performance for lateral impact. It will allow to get a better rating in EuroNCAP tests for vehicle integrating this system.

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