FAQ Review the GMC Typhoon

What was the last year for the GMC Syclone and Typhoon?

The truck’s handling was considered to be excellent for a truck. Many owners still use the GMC Syclone to auto-cross with its SUV brother, the GMc Typhoon. Although this was supposed to be a limited production run for the GMC Syclone, GM discontinued production in 1992 due to poor sales figures. Only a few more were built. Source URL

How much horsepower does a 1992 GMC Typhoon have?

What is the reason you love your car? Only two years were available for the GMC Typhoon, and less than 5,000 total trucks were made. The all-wheel drive was standard, and the turbocharged 4.3-liter V6 produced 285 horsepower and 350 lb-ft torque. The quarter-mile in 5.2 seconds and 0-60 in 14.1 seconds. This beat the Ferrari 348 in the same year. These trucks are the ultimate sleeper and will still blow away most modern cars. They are rare and Clint Eastwood still drives one. Source URL

How much horsepower does a S10 blazer Typhoon have?

This S-10 Blazer should produce 280 horsepower (209 kilowatts) and 350 pounds-feet (475 Newton-meters) torque if all original Typhoon upgrades are in place. The Mitsubishi turbocharger that produces 14 PSI of boost makes it possible to run at 280 horsepower. The most powerful S-11 Blazer ever seen in showrooms produced 160 horsepower (120 kW). Source URL

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