FAQ: UHaul Car Trailer Towing Capacity

What is the towing capacity of a UHaul car trailer?

U-Haul’s auto transport trailers are car trailers that can be used to transport long distances and have a maximum load towing capacity of 5,290 lbs. Our auto transport vehicles have an easy-access loading ramp, security chains, and ratchet-operated tire straps that allow you to transport your car securely and safely. Although there are many types of car trailers available for rent, U- Haul’s patented design of auto transport trailer is superior in more than any other area. It is equipped with automatic brakes, easy access loading ramps, and tilt-out fenders that allow for easy access to the door. This trailer will make it easy to rent.

  • Affordable car hauler. Affordable car hire
  • Easy access loading ramp Accessible loading ramp
  • Many safety features There are many safety features

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