Review the Best Tires for Drifting

What are the best tires for a passenger car?

High-performance tires are not designed for street driving. They can be used on the track, but they won’t give you the desired performance. This is especially true for drifting, which can be very difficult on these tires. They will still work well on lighter cars with engines up to 200 horsepower. If you are just starting out in drifting, they are great entry-level rubber. Source URL

What are the best max performance tires for drifting?

The Best Max-Performance Summer Tires for Drifting Pros Cons Continental ContiSportContact 5 is another premium max-performance tire that performs exceptionally well for drifting. This German manufacturer used an exotic Black Chilli compound to create an asymmetric tread design on their flagship. This translates into outstanding handling. Source URL

What is the best tire for drifting on the highway?

We recommend summer tires for drifting. These drifting tires are designed to withstand higher temperatures. They perform best at temperatures above 86 degrees F (30 degrees C). Summer tires are better at sticking to the road in warm conditions, especially after you have drifted for a while. Source URL

What is the best all season tire for drifting?

All-season tires can quickly lose their ability at high temperatures. This will cause drifting to happen immediately. We recommend that all-season tire only be used for people who will drive on the streets and not on the track. Source URL

What are the best summer tires for drifting in a car?

Falken is a company that you will most likely see drifting events. Their tire lineup is excellent for drifting, especially the performance ones. Falken Azenis FK510 tires are another great choice for drifting. They are part of the ultra-high-performance Azeni-FK510 group. It offers the best value for money. Source URL