An “Automotive Mechatronics” chair created by Faurecia, Supélec and ESIGELEC

Faurecia, the world’s sixth-largest automotive equipment supplier, recently signed a five-year partnership agreement with leading French engineering schools Supélec and ESIGELEC to create a new chair in Automotive Mechatronics.

The new chair, which will promote research, teaching and knowledge-sharing, is set up with the objective of creating a center of expertise for training engineers and researchers in designing electronic systems for the automotive industry. The focus will be on groundbreaking innovations in design, simulation, architecture and development for complex systems used in Faurecia’s technical solutions and products.

Through this partnership with Supélec and ESIGELEC, Faurecia aims to develop strong synergy between its own industrial R&D and academic research while benefiting from priority access to new advances in electronics and mechatronics, especially for the design of embedded systems.

Source: Faurecia

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I think this kind of initiative is too rare in France and industry, research and education are too compartmentalized. However, things are changing and companies realize that this type of partnership is a way to outsource research at low cost. Do you think the clusters or Chairs will contribute to improve the situation of French manufacturers in the long term?


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