Continental launches new “automotive software developer” training program

Technology company Continental will be offering a new career training program from September 2015, which will enable young people who are passionate about IT to train at Continental to become automotive software developers. This job includes analyzing and developing sophisticated program structures for the vehicles and mobility of tomorrow.

“Today we employ more than 11,000 software experts worldwide, who are helping to bring about the next big technical evolution – automated driving,” says Ariane Reinhart, Continental’s board member for human resources. “With this new training program, we are laying another foundation that will give young people the training they need in this fast-growing field, and by doing so we are keeping abreast of changes in the industry. It is ideal for people who want to help us shape the future.”Continental IT training

Continental devised this launching pad to a new career together with the unions, the works council, the chamber of commerce and industry, and the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training. The program will involve Continental’s various divisions working closely with one another. The advantage of this is that young people will get to learn about the variety of approaches Continental has to finding solutions to the world automotive industry’s greatest challenges. These include zero accidents on the road, clean air through decreased fuel consumption and lower emissions, as well as easier and more enjoyable driving and better information and entertainment through intelligent systems and connectivity.

The content of the training program is geared toward mathematical technical software developers (MATSE) and provides additional training in embedded software development and electronics, which are an important focus at Continental. “Previously, you would need a degree if you wanted to become a software developer. Trained technicians have been the exception to date. We are therefore delighted to be able to offer opportunities for people who want to develop their skills without going to university, or for those who may have interrupted their studies in order to work,” says Frank Michael Hell, chair of Continental’s group works council.

In the first year of the training programs, there will be 28 places available at nine sites throughout Germany. The program lasts three years and is available to anyone with the necessary skills and capabilities. This includes very good knowledge of mathematics, among other things. “With our tagline ‘Moving Over to Move Up’, we at Continental also wish to give opportunities to young people who may have interrupted their studies and are looking for a practical traineeship with career prospects,” adds Reinhart. “For us, the focus is on finding the best fit between Continental and the employee.” The trainees must be willing to move, because they will get the chance to gain experience at various Continental sites in Germany. The vocational school training takes place in modules at Darmstadt. Graduates will obtain the IHK (chamber of industry and commerce) degree as mathematical technical software developers and will receive a certificate from the vocational school.

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