Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire Review for Trucks and SUVs in All-Terrains and Seasons


This is Cooper’s first venture into the heavy-duty off-road tire market. They have had a huge success with the STT TEK3. This tire is amazing in providing off-roading enjoyment. The tire can go through any terrain, no matter what it is.

  • You perform well on rocks, mud and sand, gravel, dirt, snow, and trail.
  • Outstanding resistance to chips, breaks, and bruising
  • These tires are among the quietest in this class
  • Attractive tread design Attractive design

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Cooper has been making high-quality and robust tires in the U.S. since 1919. However, no Cooper tire has been built to withstand more extreme terrain or withstand more punishment over the past century than the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro. Source URL

The Discoverer STT PRO all-season, off-road tire Cooper offers is the most extreme that Cooper has ever made. It provides remarkable off-roading performance without sacrificing on-road traction. Source URL

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is designed to handle extreme driving conditions and surfaces. This tire is ideal for SUVs who must negotiate rugged terrain. It features a beautiful tread design that will attract second looks. Source URL

Cooper engineers and test drivers completed more than 1,000,000 test miles in the harshest conditions in America and the Australian Outback. The Discoverer STT Pro is likely to have survived and proven itself in more challenging and hazardous conditions, no matter what you may have in mind. Source URL

Cooper has been making great off-road tires for many years. The brand’s most recent updates have brought it oh-so close to being a Tier 1 tire manufacturer. The Discoverers AT3 all-terrain tires are almost unbeatable. The STT Pro mud-terrain tire is a new level of innovation that offers outstanding off-road grip and a touch more on-road civility than you would find elsewhere. Source URL


Different retailers may offer different prices, but Cooper Discoverer STT Pro usually starts at $150 and goes up to $450. We recommend that you shop around for the best online tire deals. There are often special discounts and rebates available, especially on holidays or shopping holidays such as Black Friday. Source URL

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Pros and Cons

Cooper also ensured that the tire worked on the roads. Off-road and mud-terrain tires are known to be loud and uncomfortable. Some are also unsafe for spirited driving. These issues are tried to be reduced by the STT Pro. Source URL

Warranty and Tread Life

Check out our article for more information about Cooper STT Pro tread life. The brand’s 45-day road warranty is also included with the vehicle. Source URL


The Discoverers STT pro’s sidewall is 3-ply. This sidewall protects the tire from side-punctures on trails or at work sites. It also allows the tire to be aired down and up repeatedly without damaging the sidewall. Source URL

Great Off-Road

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is one of the most specialized off-road tires currently available. It’s also very affordable, at least for the quality. This is especially true for its off-roading capabilities, which are among the best. Source URL

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is currently one of the most popular off-road tires. The STT Pro is designed for SUVs and trucks with excellent off-roading capabilities. It provides outstanding traction on slippery surfaces such as gravel, dirt, mud and stones. Source URL

Great on the Road

The Discoverer STT Pro is a great on-road vehicle, despite its focus on off-road traction. It is responsive enough to be used in everyday driving, and it brakes safely. The grip and traction are excellent in both wet and dry conditions. High-speed stability is also very impressive. The Cooper is a little more quiet than usual, but it’s not as loud as other tires in this category. However, the ride quality is excellent. Source URL

Great Durability

Cooper suggests that the Discoverer STT Pro is more durable than mud-terrain alternatives. Source URL

It can be difficult to predict how long these tires will last. How they last depends on how they are used, how much off-roading you do, the types of surfaces that you go off-road on, and, most importantly, if they are rotated correctly. Source URL

Not Great in Winter Snow or Ice

It looks like it will work in winter, but the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is not the best choice for driving on packed snow or ice. Source URL

This mud-terrain tire can scoop snow well, but its winter capabilities are limited. The tire has very little siping, which winter tires use to hold snow to the tire and to friction against snow. This means that it is very slippery on snow or ice. It is not certified for extreme winter use, unlike Cooper’s Discoverer AT3 4S. Source URL

Great on Mud

The Discoverer STT Pro mud tire is a great mud tire for street driving, but it is also extremely useful for off-roading. This tire, unlike the BFGoodrich KM2, isn’t designed for offroad driving. Cooper designed the tire to provide excellent off-road traction regardless of the surface. It can also be used on gravel, rocks, and sand. The Armor-Tek2 construction technology takes care of durability and strength, making the Cooper one of the most durable off-road tires. In terms of durability, and peace of mind, the anti-stone retention ribs and puncture-resistant casing are also a plus. Source URL

Although you could argue that it isn’t as good as the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain TA KM2 and Cooper Discoverer STT Pro, this Achilles model is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an everyday-driving MT tire at a low price. Source URL

Quiet on the Road

I was impressed by the quietness of the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro on the road. This is due to its aggressive tread pattern. The ride quality is good and the traction on both wet and dry surfaces is excellent. Source URL

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