Review the Mastercraft Courser AXT2 Tires

What is the difference between Mastercraft Courser AXT2 and AXT3?

This tire is made with a tougher tread compound to withstand off-road driving. It also has an extra layer of rubber at its base to protect it against small rocks being drilled or cuts from sharp rocks. Source URL

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What is the difference between Mastercraft and HTR tires?

Its tires are made in the same way as Coopers. This means that they share manufacturing equipment and materials. Mastercraft tires are able to offer the same high quality and performance features as Cooper Tires. Source URL

Mastercraft’s Courser sub-brand offers more sophistication and capability. The Courser AXT2 all-terrain is the second-generation offering that offers surprising grip and a low price. The new Courser HSX Tour is a mix of a touring tire and an all-wheel-territor tire that has a longer warranty (60,000 miles) and some off-road capabilities. TheCourser HTR is a performance all-season tire that focuses on handling and dry weather grip. Source URL

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The Cooper Discoverer AT/3 is almost identical to the Mastercraft Courser AXT. Both are excellent truck tires, but the Cooper models sell for less than the Cooper model. Mastercraft Tires’ various types of tires offer solutions for different seasons, terrain types, and pricing. The company offers a variety of drive-enhancing options in each category.

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Another plus for CXT is the full-depth sipes. They offer enhanced traction on wet pavement and increased off-road performance. These sipes also improve grip on snow and slush. Source URL

What is the difference between Mastercraft Courser and AXT?

The tread design is circumferential and features wide zigzag grooves to improve traction in snow and mud. The alternating shoulder scallops and buttress design will increase traction in off-road conditions. Source URL

What is the best tire for the money Mastercraft Courser?

The Mastercraft Courser STR is designed to provide reliable all-season driving performance at a low price that will appeal to drivers who drive all types of light-duty pickups, crossovers, and SUVs. Source URL

(This is not an exhaustive list of all vehicles that this tire will fit.)

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