Review the Best Cooper Discoverer M+S a Winter Tire for Snow

Is the Cooper Discoverer M+S a winter tire?

A three-peak mountain snowflake symbol is used to identify winter tires. The Cooper Discoverer M+S has exactly that. Source URL

Cooper’s Discoverer M+S studdable winter tire offers increased traction and handling on snow, ice, and other winter roads. The M+S is designed for SUVs, pickups, and crossovers. It features some of Cooper’s most recent winter tire technology. Source URL

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What is the Snow Groove tech in the Cooper Discoverer M+S?

This tire features unique Snow Groove technology, which provides biting edges throughout its grooves to increase traction on snow, sleet and freezing rain. This tire does this without compromising the tread element stiffness. This results in better traction and better handling. Source URL

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The manufacturer’s proprietary “Snow Groove” design technology was used to create the tire. This technology reduces tread stiffness and improves traction in these environments. “Snow on snow” is generally considered to offer better traction than “snow on rubber”. This unique groove technology allows the tire to retain snow near the outside of the tire for the “snow on snow” benefit. Source URL

How much does a Cooper Discoverer M+S tire cost?

Discoverer M+S tires start at $75. Source URL

How is the tire uniformity of the Cooper Discoverer M+S?

For the first 2/32 inches of wear, tire uniformity is guaranteed. Source URL

What are the best Cooper Discoverer tires?

Although Cooper is not as well-known as Michelin or Pirelli when it comes to quality truck tires, they are better known. Cooper makes approximately a dozen different truck and SUV tires, most of which fall under the Discoverer brand. The new Discoverers AT3 4S and Discolverer M+S are the top picks from Cooper. Source URL

Cooper Discoverer HT3 commercial-grade all-season tire is designed to provide reliable year-round traction, quiet ride quality, and a longer tread life. The HT3 is a popular tire for all commercial vehicles, trucks, and pickups. Source URL

What is the Cooper Discoverer M+S sport tire rated for?

Cooper Discoverer M+S Sport is a studless winter tire that can be used by drivers of all types of crossovers and pickups. This Cooper offering, with its M+S rating and Mountain Snowflake emblem, is designed to provide better snow and ice traction in extreme winter weather conditions. Source URL

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