Toyo Open Country AT3 Review

We think the Toyo Open Country AT3 is a great choice for someone who wants an aggressive-looking tire, but also needs the daily drivability of an all-terrain. Source URL

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How much does a Toyo Open Country AT cost?

The Toyo Open Country AT 3’s price starts at just over $600 and ranges to just under $2,000 depending on its size. Source URL

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What are the best makes and models for Toyo Open Country AT3?

Chevy Silverado

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S There are many great options when it comes time to get an all-terrain tire for your Silverado. We mean it. Toyo Open Country AT2 and Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 are great choices. The Cooper Discolverer AT4S is the Cooper Discverer AT5S, if we have to choose one, it’s our favorite. Source URL

GMC Yukon

The Toyo Open Country AT II and BFGoodrich All Terrain KO2 push further into this direction. The BFGs offer maximum off-road grip, durability, and durability, but they do not offer as much on-road performance. Toyos are edging close to the BFG in offroad performance, with more grip and a longer tire life of 65,000 miles. However, they can be quite expensive. Source URL

Subaru Ascent

Toyo Open Country AT III The latest all-terrain tire from Toyo is the Open CountryAT III. This is the next generation of Toyo’s off-road engineering. This tire is a significant departure from the AT II which featured five circumferential tread rows. The AT III’s curved tread blocks hook around each other and offer excellent offroad grip on different surfaces. The treads have more space between them, allowing it to dig deeper into lose surfaces. Source URL

Ford Raptor

Alternative: Toyo Open Country AT III Toyo Tires’ new Open CountryAT III all-terrain tire is one of our favorite. We are a big fan of the new Toyo AT III. It is one the most popular all terrain tires on the market. The AT IIs are a great alternative to the KO2s. They are a bit less responsive to daily driving on paved roads due to their off-road capabilities. However, they have better wet weather grip and winer grip thanks to being certified for extreme winter use. They also come with a 50,000 to 65,000-mile tread life warranty. Source URL

Lexus LS 430

Continental Terrain Contact AT has a slightly lower warranty at 60,000 miles, but slightly more off-road grip at a higher price. The Toyo Open Country AT III, which is a Toyo model, takes the grip to a higher level and the pricing up a bit. It’s also a winter option, just like the Coopers. The BFGs are the undeniable off-roading champion in terms of grip and durability. They are expensive and their on-road driving dynamics and civilize are not very good. Source URL

Toyota 4Runner

Toyo’s Open Country AT tire 3rd generation offers an increase in off-road performance as well as true winter capabilities. Source URL

Ford Bronco

Toyo Open Country AT III is a close runner-up. The third generation tire is a push into extreme off-road and has a much more aggressive tread pattern and compound. Source URL

What is the difference between Toyo Open Country AT2 and AT3?

The AT3 is a more off-road tire. The new AT3 has five tread rows, but instead of five rows, there are only two outer or shoulder tread block sections and an inner section that is intertwined. The tire is less responsive and refined on the highway, but it offers better grip and refinement off. This tread pattern and compound is also more resistant to freezing, so the AT3 can be used in winter. Source URL

What are the different sizes of Toyo Open Country AT 3?

We love the Toyo Open Country AT 3’s 123 sizes. This is not a typo. This includes P-Metric and light truck metric sizes as well as light truck flotation sizes. Source URL

What is the warranty on Toyo Open Country warranty?

Toyo’s limited warranty covers materials and craftsmanship for the first five years. This warranty covers the first 25 percent of wear and the remaining tread. Source URL

Toyo also used a durable and sturdy tread compound on its Open Country A/T 3. This can withstand punctures and cuts from sharp objects. Toyo offers a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty on the tire. This is one of the most impressive in the all-terrain all-season category. Source URL

Is Toyo Open Country AT3 a good all terrain tire?

Toyo’s most versatile tire has been updated with more capabilities. Toyo’s Open Country A/T III is a must-have for anyone who loves off-road. Source URL

The AT III all-terrain tire is very aggressive. This is a great choice if you want a sharp appearance. Source URL

The AT III, Toyota’s next-generation all-terrain tire, is the AT III. It combines all the best of the AT II with more capabilities. There is more off-road grip, with a more aggressive tread pattern and tread compound. The wet grip is better. It also has the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol, which makes it a truly capable winter tire. Source URL

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