Compare the Honda Passport vs Honda Pilot Review

What is the difference between Honda Pilot and Honda Passport?

It’s built on the same unibody architecture as the Pilot and Ridgeline. However, Honda’s pickup has a reinforced structure that makes a significant difference in ride and handling. The Passport is more comparable to the Ridgeline than the Pilot in this respect. Source URL

The interior design of Pilot and Passport will not help you choose. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Both have a common look that is functional and clean, but not as visually striking as a Chevy Blazer or Hyundai Santa Fe. Everything is very well-assembled for this segment. Source URL

After an 11-year absence from Honda’s SUV lineup, the 2019 Honda Passport is back. It slots in above the CR-V, and below the Pilot. The Passport shares the same chassis and drivetrain as the Pilot, including a 280-hp 3.5-liter V-6 engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission. However, the Passport’s smaller, more compact Passport seats five. Standard equipment includes front-wheel drive. All-wheel driving is an option upgrade. The Elite comes standard with all-wheel-drive. The Honda Passports can tow up 5000 pounds. Source URL

“Honda Sensing” safety features are standard on all trim levels of the Passport, as well as the Pilot. These safety features include Collision Mitigation Braking System with Forward Collision Warning, Road Departure Mitigation, Lane Keeping Assistance System, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Departures Mitigation. Blind Spot Information System is only available on EX-L, Touring and Elite trims. The Rear Cross-Traffic Detection System is available only on Elite and Touring trims.””””””” Source URL

The Passport’s passenger compartment is largely identical to the Pilot’s, just like its exterior. The Passports in front are greeted by a large dashboard that features ergonomic-friendly controls for standard tri-zone (driver, passenger, rear) automatic climate control and a 7.0-inch digital instrument cluster. A push-button gear selector is located on the low-mounted center console, which also includes large storage space and a sliding cover. Source URL

You’ll feel right at home in the Passport if you have seen the inside of a Honda Pilot. The first two rows are almost identical. Source URL

The Pilot’s controversial push-button transmission selector is available on all Passports. It’s not as easy to use as a traditional shifter, and it’s never as intuitive to use. It is just different to be unique. There are plenty of storage options on the plus side. There’s a lot of storage space for your stuff. The Pilot has multiple door bins, two cupholders in each rear doors, two areas to store smartphones up front, and a large center bin that can be used to store a purse under its flat rolling cover. You can also find more underneath the cargo floor. Source URL

The Passport is slightly taller (up to 1.1 inches when equipped with all-wheel drive), and has a unique front grille that is trimmed in black plastic. This is in contrast to the Pilot’s chrome and body-colored front ends. All trim levels of the Passport have chunky 20-inch alloy wheels. These wheels fill in the wheel arches and don’t affect the smooth ride. Source URL

Honda’s full-size SUV, the Pilot, can hold up to eight people. The Pilot is a larger SUV than the Passport and has a larger cargo space. It also features a rear-seat entertainment package that is child-friendly and a larger passenger space. The V-6 3.5-liter engine of the Pilot is 280 horsepower and paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. It can tow up to 5,000 pounds. Source URL

The Passport shares its platform and powertrain with the Pilot. However, it is far more livelier from the driver’s seat. The slightly lighter curb weight of the Passport Elite (which is 82 pounds lighter than the Pilot), the additional ride height, and a slightly faster steering ratio (15.8:1 for the all-wheel-drive Passport, compared to 16.0:1 rack of the Pilot) are all due to the Passports. Source URL

We were lucky to have picked up our long-term 2019 Honda Pilot at the Lincoln, Alabama plant on the same day that Passport production began. Honda had placed one of its first-pruned Pilot models in front of the plant’s entrance. We took the opportunity to place our new Steel Sapphire long term car next to the Passport to see the differences between the two Honda mid-size crossover SUVs. Source URL

A Pilot! The springs are stiffer, so the Passport doesn’t bob and roll as much on the roads as the Honda Pilot, which is more boatlike. The steering is also slightly better. It is also more resistant to being pushed along windy roads by its big sibling. The Passport is a sportier-feeling vehicle than the Pilot but it’s still not a sporty vehicle overall. (virtually the same thing can be said about the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport). It is a more comfortable, refined, and spacious alternative to the rugged, outdoorsy Toyota 4Runner. Source URL

The 2021 Honda Passport Pilot is clearly a Pilot that has seen some inches and a row of seats removed from its tail. Although it has a different grille, larger wheels, larger roof rails, and more ground clearance, the similarities are hard to miss. The interior design of the interior is identical. Source URL

The Pilot’s interior storage is also shared with the Pilot. The cargo floor has more storage, including a plastic bin that can be easily drained and cleaned. Source URL

The Passport combines everything we love about the Pilot, including a comfortable ride, strong engine, and a functional interior, but in a shorter, sportier version. Tech and a more relaxed driving experience are the big knocks. Source URL

Sometimes, great success can come with very little effort. While most cars and SUVs share their mechanical underpinnings with other vehicles within their brand, they are so unique that you would need to be a car enthusiast to know. The 2020 Honda Passport, however, is a Honda Pilot. It has a pair seats, a lot more length and a new grille. There are also big black wheels and more ground clearance. Interior design? It’s the same. Engine, transmission, general driving experience? Ditto. Source URL

Is the Honda Pilot Passport the same as a Pilot?

Why would you consider an SUV that has three fewer seats? You wouldn’t be the only one to wonder this. The Passport sells in a lower number than the Pilot, and the Passport is a much more popular SUV. We think it makes sense. It’s also cheaper than a Pilot comparable to the Pilot (the base prices are almost identical, but the Passports has more equipment), and you won’t need to lug that extra row of seats around if you don’t intend to use it. Passport still has a lot of space in its second row and cargo area. Its smaller size also improves acceleration and and sharpens its driving experience. Its quasi-rugged attributes, such as its 8.1 inches of ground clearance, and more functional roof rails Source URL

Is the 2019 Honda Passport the same as the Pilot?

The 2019 Honda Passport is the return to Honda’s lineup of the nameplate, which has been absent for many years. The reborn Passport crossover is not a rebadged Isuzu SUV, but a Honda crossover with real Honda roots. It’s not shy about hiding its roots thanks to styling that mirrors the Honda Pilot’s. However, the Passport and Pilot share many similarities under the skin. Both crossovers share the same powertrain and underpinnings. Source URL

Is the Honda Pilot and Honda Passport the same size?

Although we knew that the 2019 Honda Passport shared many exterior pieces with the Honda Pilot, we were not expecting to see how similar they are starting at the Cpillar. Source URL

Is the Honda Passport bigger than the Honda Pilot?

The Passport is struggling to be seen in the shadow of its Honda Pilot brother, the Passport. These two Hondas share a platform, powertrain, and almost identical interiors, at least from the rear seats to the rear. There are two main differences: the absence of an optional third row in Passport, and its slightly smaller overall size. The Pilot’s 6.2-inch rear overhang at the back is 6.6 inches shorter than the Passports. Source URL

Is the 2019 Honda Passport bigger than the Pilot?

The Passport’s interior will be familiar to anyone who has spent time in the Pilot’s larger version. The layout and design of the Passport are identical. The only difference is the seat perforation pattern. Although the touchscreen infotainment system is easily accessible to the driver, it can be difficult to hit the right command while driving. The glossy surface and angle of the screen might be to blame, as well as icons that seem too small. Honda finally has a dedicated knob for volume control in its cars, as we noted in the new Pilot. Source URL

It was easy to see why this big friendly giant is so loved by the masses in its second generation. The Pilot’s boxy, rugged-enough-looking design and upright, upright stance are what makes it more loyal to its SUV roots than many of its competitors. The new Pilot is actually truck-like in comparison to the previous generation, which was a CRV that looked very similar to a large, bulky CRV. I am a big fan of the new look. Although it won’t impress those who prefer the large, swoopy lines of Mazda’s CX9 or GM’s seven-passenger crossovers, the Pilot’s more boxy design does have a silver lining: a huge interior cabin. Source URL

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