LMS French Vehicle Users Conference 2013


Smart simulation and testing for optimized mechatronic system’s design.

LMS is organizing the 2013 LMS French Vehicle Users Conference that will take place in the Novotel Saint Quentin Golf National, France on the 14th of May.

LMS is looking for domain and expert presentations in automotive, supplier and ground vehicle industries related to “POWERTRAIN” or “VEHICLE SYNTHESIS”, especially in the following topics:

  • NVH & acoustics: addressing challenges on vehicle and component level
  • Energy management: balance between fuel economy, performance, thermal and drive comfort
  • Durability: process efficiency and innovation for subsystem and vehicle reliability
  • Driving dynamics: subsystem and system optimization for handling, ride comfort and active safety
  • Systems design and controls integration: powertrain and chassis systems, battery and electrical systems, HVAC and cooling, hydraulic actuation systems

The agenda is the following:

14:00 Modeling an engine for Control systems and calibrationCAE-1DGilles Mauviot, Renault Usage of a generic powertrain model for vehicle sizingCAE-3DFlorence Donnadieu, PSA Peugeot Citroën
14:30 Acoustic noise of alternators’ brushes simulationCAE-3DAntoine Tan-Kim, Valeo Vehicle dynamic AMESim modeling process for driving simulationCAE-1DZhou Fang, Renault
15:00 Vibration method for detecting turbocharger’s failuresTESTAndrea Rinaldi, CRITT M2A Verifying and optimizing thermal management control of an electric vehicleCAE-1DAbdelmajid Taklanti, Valeo
15:30 Improvement of Diesel injector nozzle modelingCAE-1DVincent Pichon, Delphi OEM standpoint about upcoming noise regulation: challenges and new trendsTESTChristophe Locqueteau, Renault
16:00 Break
16:30 System simulation for components test cases collaborative elaborationCAE-1DEric Le Dantec, PSA Peugeot Citroën LMS offer for durability tests: technical innovations and customer servicesTESTDominiek Coppens, LMS, A Siemens Business
17:00 Acoustic source identification from spherical double layer antennaTESTLucille Lamotte, MicrodB Modeling tools for electrical and electronic architecturesCAE-1DIbrahim MOHAND-KACI & Benjamin GUAY, Renault
17:30 Li-ion battery ageing AMESim modeling for hybrid and electric vehiclesCAE-1DEric Prada, IFP EN ANATOLE: 3D tolerance calculation for multidisciplinary and robust conceptionCAE-3DHugo Falgarone, EADS IWLaurent Verdin, Renault
18:00 Crash Automation department at PSA Peugeot CitroënCAE-3DMathieu Durix, PSA Peugeot Citroën 1D system simulation advantages for hydraulic and mechanic systemsCAE-1DVincent Moulin, Fluid Systems
 Source: LMS

Romain’s opinion:

I’m always curious about simulation related topics. I guess we have a lot to learn from other companies’ experience. Will you participate to this event? Which topic would you appreciate the most?

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