TERATEC 2013 Forum: Simulation and High Performance Computing

The international meeting for Simulation and High Performance Computing (HPC) will take place at the “Ecole Polytechnique” on June 25&26.

TERATEC brings together top international experts in simulation and high performance computing, making it the major event in France and in Europe in this field. It reaffirms the strategic importance of these technologies for developing industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity.

The TERATEC Forum welcomes more than 1000 attendees, highlighting the technological and industrial dynamism of HPC and the essential role that France plays in this field. The participation and the testimony of senior industrial and Information and Communication Technology leaders, the diversity and the high level of the technical workshops, the representativeness of exhibitors and innovation offers displayed, are assets for all responsible concerned by simulation and high performance computing.

Here is the agenda for meeting the HPC community and discussing technological and economic challenges:

  • Tuesday, June 25, the plenary sessions will focus on the technological challenges of Simulation and High Performance Computing and on the diversity of uses of HPC with the participation of representatives from the political, economic and academic worlds, and advanced international industrial users and leading technology suppliers.
  • Wednesday, June 26, the main market players and recognized experts will be involved in workshops whose aim is to take on emerging technologies and new areas of application of HPC. This year we propose three workshops technology oriented (tools design and optimization of complex systems, energy efficiency of HPC, HPC and big data) and three workshops usage oriented (HPC in materials simulation, HPC in biology and health, Modeling and simulation for smart cities).
  • During these two days, there will be an exhibition of the major simulation and HPC players. Software manufacturers and producers, integrators and distributors, service providers, academic and laboratory researchers, public and private sector developers, etc. will present their latest innovations.

The goal is to bring together decision makers and scientific experts in simulation and high performance computing, from industrial and academic worlds, public organizations and research centers.


[titled_box title=”Charlie’s opinion:”]

This kind of event is always a good opportunity to meet scientific experts in simulation from all over the world in order to share experiences, knowledge and tool in all technical domains where simulation and high performance computing can help. Networking is often as important as technical skills and this event should be seen as an opportunity to expand its network. Did you have similar experience where your network helped you improving your simulation work?[/titled_box]

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