Battery Day NRW and Advanced Battery Power Show 2013

The 5th International Symposium “Advanced Battery Power” and “Battery Day NRW” will be once more the meeting point for scientists, developers and engineers representing the entire value-added chain. Conference themes are “Lithium-Ion Cells and Materials“, “System Integration and Battery Management of Traction Batteries”, “Grid Integration of Vehicle Batteries”, “Storage Solutions for the 2nd Generation Microhybrid-Vehicles”, “Alternative Storage Technologies (e.g. Super Condensers, Bipolar Lead, Na-NiCI2 and Compressed Air)”, “Battery Recycling and Resource Availability” and “Machines and Equipment for the Production of Battery Cells”.

Dr. Thomas Hülshorst, FEV, will present automotive battery systems and the balancing act between safety, costs and performance, on February 25, 2013, Block III, 4:25 pm.

Source: FEV gmbh

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