Webcast: Acceleration of turbochargers design thanks to simulation

Turbocharging the automotive internal-combustion engine has become highly topical with the trend to downsize engine capacity toward lower emissions without compromising the driver’s perception of performance and transient response.

During this webcast, industry expert participants will:

  • Illustrate the implementation of a design-by-analysis approach in a modern, fully integrated design environment, with examples of compressor and turbine designs for small gasoline engines
  • Describe automated, numerical optimization — an emerging technology that can be deployed within such a system on several levels to eliminate much of the manual iteration — and its usefulness and implementation
  • Illustrate higher-fidelity simulations and explain their role in the design process
  • Discuss future prospects: To what extent can an empirical background in turbomachinery design become redundant in the designs of new machines? What are the major technical challenges for the developers of advanced design and analysis techniques?

The webcast will happen on Thursday, May 23, 2013: Noon U.S. EDT

Source: SAE International

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