Best Tires for Honda CR-V: Review Both New and Used

Today we’ll be reviewing the top 4 best tires on the market today for your Honda CR-V.

The Honda CR-V needs no introduction. With over 380,000 units sold just within the last year, it is not only the largest selling Honda, but also one of the most popular compact SUVs in the USA. The comfortable and spacious interior and the competitive price point make it loved by small families and pragmatic drivers alike. 

As a result, the Honda CR-V has become an urban toiler that is used for everyday commutes, running errands, highway road trips, and everything in between. To match this all-round character, CR-V drivers need tires that are similarly practical, economical, and comfortable.   

Figure 1. Honda CR-V is one of the best-selling vehicles in the country due to its practicality, space, and safety. Source: Honda.

We went out and picked four of the best tires that are guaranteed to let your CR-V keep up with you. Three of these tires are all-season touring tires, and while you cannot go wrong with any of these, each tire has a different value proposition. Our fourth pick is a winter tire, suitable for drivers in the north who need extra assurance to tackle extreme winters. So, let’s get going.

1. Best Everyday All-Season Tire: Vredestein Quatrac Pro

Vredestein Quatrac Pro is our one-size-fits-all tire for the Honda CR-V. It is likely to satisfy requirements for the majority of drivers with its all-around capability in every weather condition. Quatrac Pro is our ideal choice for daily around-the-town driving as it offers a good blend of comfort, safety, and value.  

Figure 2. Vredestein Quatrac Pro is an ideal tire for city or suburban driving all year round. Source: Honda.

Vredestein Quatrac Pro comes at a reasonable price point with performance that gives more expensive tires a run for their money. Its driving attitude is confident and relaxed, which perfectly mirrors that of CR-V. Quatrac Pro is also one the quietest tires in its category, delivering a comfortable ride even in stressful urban traffic.

A representative at Vredestein told us that “Quatrac Pro is tailor made for SUVs and high-performance cars. That’s why it is only available in 17” – 21” sizes. It has a high-silica compound for increased grip and is 3PMSF certified for performance in snow. Quatrac Pro has a heavily siped pattern and the void ratio is really low so it is not too loud.”

Figure 3. Vredestein Quatrac Pro is the quietest tire among its competitors. Source: Tyre Reviews UK.

In dynamic tests, Quatrac Pro has consistently been rated at the top of the pack by many metrics such as stopping distance and maneuverability. It easily keeps up with its competitors in the dry, zips ahead in wet conditions. Although it has a Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake certification, its winter capability extends only to light snow and ice conditions.


Quatrac Pro is available in all three sizes for the Honda CR-V, along with a 30-day trial period. One area where Vredestein left customers wanting is the warranty – Quartrac Pro comes only with a 40,000mile treadwear warranty or 1-year from the date of purchase. Vredestein also does not allow any warranty claims after 8-years from the date of production.

You can get Vredestein Quatrac Pro for your Honda CR-V for about $145 in the 17” size.

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2. Best All-Season Tire for Long Life: Continental TrueContact Tour

Our second category is for the best tire that offers an extraordinarily long tread life. It is ideal for people who look at most miles driven per dollar spent on the tire. Tires designed for long tread life typically give up some longitudinal traction, which means longer acceleration and stopping distances compared to equivalent touring tires. Although, its traction is still adequate for daily driving.

Figure 4. TrueContact Tour features Continental’s Quick View Indicators that help visually inspect tread health and even wheel alignment. Source: Continental.

A long tread life is not sufficient by itself; the tire must also offer and maintain good performance in all conditions throughout its life. Continental TrueContact Tour is our pick for you. TrueContact Tour delivers an enjoyable and comfortable ride with best-in-class noise levels throughout its long tread life, which makes it really easy to live with.


TrueContact Tour offers outstanding performance in the dry but excels in slippery conditions. In the tests conducted by Tire Rack, TrueContact Tour posted shortest stopping distance in the wet as well as the snow. It also had the highest cornering force in the wet conditions among its rivals. Performance on ice is not as distinguished but is still closely matched in the group.  

Figure 5. Continental TrueContact Tour rubs shoulders with the best tires in its class in the dry and beats them in slippery conditions. Source: Tire Rack.

Continental TrueContact Tour is available in 17”, 18”, and 19” sizes depending on the model of your CR-V and starts at just over $135. The warranty package from Continental is also one the most comprehensive in the industry – 80,000mile / 6-year limited treadwear warranty, a 60-day trial, and even a 3-year roadside assistance plan.

You can get a set of Continental TrueContact Tour tires for your Honda CR-V at Vivid Racing.

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3. Best Premium All-Season Tire: Michelin CrossClimate2

Our third pick is for you if you are looking for a no-compromise tire and can shell out some extra cash to get the best. Whether you want to pamper your CR-V or simply desire the safest option out there, get the Michelin CrossClimate2 and your car will thank you for it. People use words like “groundbreaking,” “innovative,” and “revolutionary” to describe the CrossClimate2, which is highly unusual for a tire.

Figure 6. Michelin CrossClimate2 features a unique V-shaped tread pattern with 3D self-locking sipes. Source: Michelin.

In terms of driving, CrossClimate2 is poised and confidence-inspiring. The ride quality is comfortable with low road noise. However, it is not the quietest tire in its category and some road abruptions are noticeably audible. Despite its summer tire like character, CrossClimate2 is 3PMSF certified, implying dependability in light to moderate snow conditions.


“CrossClimate2 has a stopping distance about 16ft less than four leading competitors on dry pavement. It also provides up to one year of additional tread life over the competitors. With Michelin’s Safety Made to Last principle, [CrossClimate2] also outperforms the top four competitors like Bridgestone, Continental, [and] Goodyear by 28% to 31% in snow, even at the end of its tread life,” a representative at Michelin told us.

Figure 7. CrossClimate2 performs exceptionally well in wet conditions as shown by the dynamic test results. Source: Tire Rack.

Michelin offers a 60,000mile / 6-year limited mileage warranty along with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on the CrossClimate2. They also have a 3-year flat tire changing assistance program available for customers. CrossClimate2 starts close to $190 for the Honda CR-V sizes and you can get your set at Vivid Racing today.

Sources: Tire Rack, Tire Talk, an interview with representative at Michelin (11/04/2020).

4. Best Winter Tire: Continental VikingContact 7

While it is not always required to have summer tires, dedicated winter tires are often a necessity in regions with severe winters and heavy snow. Extremely slippery conditions may easily surpass capabilities of all-season tires and a second set of winter tires may be required for driving safely. We recommend the Continental VikingContact 7 for your CR-V in this situation.

Figure 8. With the right set of winter tires, you can be ready to take the winter head on. Source: CR-V Owners Club.

Although the AWD drive system in the Honda CR-V is adequate for urban excursions, extreme winters can easily overwhelm it. VikingContact 7 will augment the AWD system and make the car more surefooted. We are already convinced of its abilities and have recommended it previously for the Subaru Outback as well.


VikingContact 7 is a superbly quiet and comfortable tire, and also an all-round performer in dry, wet, snow, and ice. It is perfectly at home even in severest of the conditions and maintains the same athleticism in the snow as it does on clear roads. It even outperforms some studded winter tires in acceleration and braking on snow and ice, which is a testament to it superior design.

Figure 9. Although the VikingContact 7 is the only studless winter tire in this test, yet it provided best longitudinal traction in snow and ice. Source: Tyre Reviews UK.

While there no mileage warranty on the VikingContact 7, Continental does offer their standard 6-year limited workmanship warranty, along with the 60-day trial period and 3-year roadside support. VikingContact 7 is available in all three sizes for the CR-V, and starts right around $135. You can get your set from Vivid Racing before the winter hits this year.

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