The ContiSilent technology by Continental

ContiSilent™ is a tire noise-reducing technology developed by Continental. It is designed to reduce  interior noise on all road surfaces. ContiSilent™ tires are equipped with an inner tire absorber, a polyurethane foam, attached to the inner surface of the tread area with an adhesive. Regardless of the temperature, the structure of the foam stays intact.

ContiSilent tire complete

ContiSilent™ helps reduce interior vehicle noise up to 9 dB(A), depending on the type of vehicle, its speed and the road surface. At the moment it is only available for summer tires and is compatible with all commonly available rims. Driving performance is not affected and there is no negative influence on mileage and load/speed capability. Fitting on four positions is recommended.

Audi is the first OEM to equip its RS 6 Avant et RS 7 Sportback models with high performance ContiSportContact 5 tires and ContiSilent technology.

Source: Continental

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