Yokohama Rubber to release “BluEarth-A” tire

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced that it will launch a new edition to its fuel-efficient “BluEarth” tire brand for passenger cars in Europe and Asia from this spring. Most sizes of the new “BluEarth-A” have been awarded the European tire grading system’s C grade for rolling resistance and A for wet performance.

The “BluEarth-A” tire features the application of a “nano BLEND compound” based on YOKOHAMA’s compound technology combined with an asymmetrical tread pattern. It provides “BluEarth-A” tires with improved wet grip while enhancing their fuel efficiency and abrasion resistance.Yokohama BluEarth-A special compound

The asymmetrical tread pattern also contributes to the tires’ rigidity and drainage characteristics.BluEarth-A thunder bolt grooves

The “BluEarth-A” employs a “noise-controlled pitch” that contributes to reducing noise by suppressing the incidence of uneven tire wear.Noise-controlled pitch by Yokohama

The tire’s profile holds up under the weight of large sedans and helps ensure a good level of control stability.Yokohama BluEarth-A tire profileYOKOHAMA has applied its proprietary aerodynamic technologies to reduce air drag and its dimple design on the tire shoulders help to further raise the tires’ fuel efficiency.Frictions simulations of the BluEarth-A tire

Source: Yokohama

Romain’s opinion:

Designing a tire is clearly a matter of trade-off and compromises. If you want to reduce the fuel consumption, you will increase the breaking distance, and so on. It seems that, through breakthrough innovations, Yokohama has managed to improve the compromise in most of the capabilities of the tire. Do you think that this tire is reliable? What about the weight and shock resistance?

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