Review the Yokohama Geolandar X AT All-Terrain Tire for SUV and Trucks

The X-AT promises more off-road grip, but with more comfort and quietness. Source URL

What size tires does a Geolandar X AT have?

15-inch tires

16-inch tires

17-inch tires

18-inch tires

20-inch tires

22-inch tires

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What is the difference between Geolandar X AT and HT?

It turns out that HT tires don’t offer true all-terrain performance. They’re more like all-season truck tires with some off-road capabilities. Many people find their off-road grip very limited. Source URL

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Unlike the HT tires, you can tell the X-AT’s 4-row tread pattern that it is designed for off-road grip by just looking at it. The aggressive center block design is paired with unique grooves and sipes to provide plenty of traction. There is also large void space between them to allow for dirt and loose mud to be removed. This tire is very different from any highway terrain tire. Source URL

What is the warranty on Yokohama Geolandar X AT?

Geolandar X-AT comes with a 45,000-mile limited tread wear warranty. Yokohama also offers a 30-day satisfaction warranty. If you aren’t satisfied, the tire can be returned. Source URL

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What is the difference between Yokohama Geolandar A and TS tires?

Center blocks are used to increase dry surface traction and handling. They are staggered around the tread and have rounded edges intermediate and larger shoulder blocks. This gives the tire more stability at higher speeds as well as a quieter ride. When roads are covered by rain or slush, four circumferential grooves and dual interlocking sipes evacuate water from the tread. Source URL

What makes the Geolandar MT plus tire one of the best?

The Geolandar M/T+ off-road tire by Yokohama is the company’s maximum traction tire. It has been engineered to provide exceptional offroad performance in snow, sand, rock, dirt, and other terrain. The MT Plus is designed for pickup and sport utility vehicle drivers. It also has excellent on-road performance when driving around town or on the highway. Source URL

Is the Yokohama Geolandar X AT a good tire?

Geolandar X-AT is a remarkable new type of tire. We expect other brands will follow suit. We have one complaint about this new tire: while most popular vehicle fitments are covered, there are still many smaller sizes that can’t be purchased at the moment. Source URL


The Geolandar X-AT is a truly off-road-capable all-terrain tire with major improvements to its on-road performance.

  • Some sizes may not be available in full sizes


We weren’t worried about on-road grip with the X-AT. We were more concerned about their civility. It turns out that they deliver. Road noise is reduced by the tread pattern (the spaces between the lugs and the way they work with each other as the tire rolls). Source URL

How many miles can you get out of a Yokohama Geolandar A tires?

It’s equally impressive off-road performance. This tire is capable of handling dirt, gravel, gravel and other elements with relative ease. This model’s long tread life is a plus. Many drivers have complained about getting 70,000-80,000 miles from the tire. Source URL

The contact patch is designed to provide uniform wear. A new tread compound has been created for this tire to provide tread life on the road as well as resistance to chips and cuts off-road. Source URL

How strong are Geolandar X AT tires?

The Geolandar X-AT’s tread surface comes in many ply ratings, including 6-ply and 10-ply ratings for heavy-duty pickup trucks. It has a 3-ply sidewall rating, which is significantly stronger than conventional tires. This helps protect against cuts and slashes that can easily puncture smaller tires. Source URL

How much does a Geolandar tire cost per tire?

Geolandar X-AT tires are available in a range of prices, from $173 to $440 per tire. Source URL

How long does it take to test drive a Yokohama Geolandar tire?

Yokohama offers a 30-day free test drive, where you can exchange or return the tire if you aren’t completely satisfied. Source URL

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