The test automation system Bobcat 2 launched by AVL

AVL announced the launch of BOBCAT 2, the second generation of an integrated engine testing system from AVL’s COMPACT product line. Functional enhancements to BOBCAT 2 have been designed to make it more powerful and flexible, offering features found in higher-cost test solutions. “BOBCAT 2 changes the playing field,” said Gernot Hacker, Group Product Manager for BOBCAT 2. “Now small engine suppliers, recreational vehicle manufacturers, component manufacturers and racing customers can afford a test automation system that meets their current needs while having access to a company that can easily handle their future needs as they grow.”

BOBCAT 2 functional enhancements include the ability to generate a report template within BOBCAT 2 which eliminates the need to export testing data. Instantly the user can access the test data necessary to optimize the engine. Kyle Kimel, President of AVL Test Systems, Inc., said that BOBCAT 2 has important marketplace advantages beyond its functional enhancements. “BOBCAT 2 was also designed to integrate seamlessly with existing non-AVL instrumentation and dynos – even those that are nearing their end-of-life usefulness,” said Kimel. “It’s intuitive, with a user interface that allows quick and easy test run parameterization and operation without extensive training.”[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”AVL BOBCAT” title=”AVL BOBCAT” height=”150″ width=”600″][/image_frame]

“We looked at the market, talked to current and potential customers, and designed a test system that could give them a competitive edge,” said Hacker. Consequently, BOBCAT 2 features an enhanced integrated digital dynamometer and engine controller to provide improved torque and speed control for hydraulic, eddy current and AC dynamometers. Added Hacker, “It’s really rewarding to launch a test system that offers a lot without costing a lot.”

Source: AVL

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That is really important that this tool is able to interface with some non-AVL products as often in big companies, several tool chains are used depending on the test bench or the location. Do you think that some OEM are ready to have their complete test bed tool chain supplied by AVL or is it preferable to have some diversity?[/titled_box]

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