A new Constant Volume Sampler presented by Horiba

CVS-ONE Horiba
HORIBA presented its new CVS-ONE series at the 15th Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, June 4 to 6. The sampling system is the latest advancement in the measurement of diluted mass emissions from vehicles and engines. The system comes with the company’s newly developed integrated operating platform, HORIBA ONE PLATFORM. CVS-ONE features new functions, improved usability and the support of a wide range of test applications. In addition, the new sampling system has been specifically designed to cooperate with HORIBA’s MEXA-ONE motor exhaust gas analyzer, and allows the measurement of extremely low emission levels such as SULEV and Euro 6.

“The CVS-ONE is the natural progression of our emissions systems update policy, starting with the MEXA-ONE last year,” says Jonathan Eaton, Vice President Business Development & Marketing HORIBA Automotive Test Systems. “The new system layout as well as additional functions and a wide range of possible applications make the CVS-ONE the ideal solution for future-proof emissions testing.”

The CVS-ONE features a compact design with 65% less volume and 70% less footprint compared with HORIBA’s conventional products. The system offers a wide range of dilution flow rate options and separate sample line functionality. A single system covers a variety of applications and is especially suitable for certification tests, fuel consumption measurement, and low emission measurement. Apart from complying with the latest emissions regulations, the CVS-ONE will support future regulations that are currently under consideration. Its bag sampling techniques and the number of bags and combinations promote various types of testing cycles. In addition, fuel consumption measurement of modern powertrain concepts is possible, with support for hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

On a software level, the CVS-ONE features HORIBA’s newly developed integrated operating platform, HORIBA ONE PLATFORM. It allows system operation via one single display which also provides an overview of all other connected measurement devices.

Source: Horiba

Romain’s opinion:

Precision of Constant Volume Sampling systems is becoming more in more important with the increased level of regulation over the pollutants. This often leads to expensive analyzing instruments. Do you think that OEM consider all the costs linked to emissions measurement and treatment systems when developing a new combustion engine? Could it be taken into consideration when choosing a new combustion or fuel concept?

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