The new Siemens’ Teamcenter 11 PLM software

The latest version of Siemens’ Teamcenter® software delivers new solution capabilities across the portfolio to boost productivity, enhance performance and reduce costs. Teamcenter 11 includes enhanced functionality of its Active Workspace interface, new administration and integration tools, and a new ability to manage software design processes as an integral part of the overall product lifecycle. Other enhancements address supplier collaboration, compliance and ECAD integration with the Teamcenter Rapid Start configuration. Teamcenter is the world’s most widely used digital lifecycle management system and is developed by Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business.

The lifecycles of software applications are managed using application lifecycle management (ALM) tools. Leveraging a multi-domain integration framework, Teamcenter 11 now offers seamless integration of ALM tools, data and processes within the PLM environment. As a result, this ALM-PLM integration enables customers to manage software designs with a holistic product view, including mechanical and electronic computer-aided-design (MCAD and ECAD) data.Teamcenter Maturity Explorer

“In order to truly validate a product, you have to consider the software that makes that product work,” said Eric Sterling, Senior Vice President of Teamcenter, Siemens PLM Software. “Linking the software development lifecycle with the rest of the product lifecycle in Teamcenter allows our customers to make sure all product domains are working as they should.”

Another Teamcenter 11 enhancement increases the value of PLM systems by expanding the functionality of Active Workspace, an intuitive and personalized environment for instantly accessing information. To help plan and predict the performance of a whole product system, Teamcenter 11 now offers systems engineering and requirements management through Active Workspace. With new “systems architectural modeling capabilities” and tools for managing the validation and verification process, customers can clearly determine a product’s performance against targets.

The Teamcenter Rapid Start configuration product data management (PDM) implementation of Teamcenter, now includes optional support for ECAD integration so multiple domain areas can share designs and collaborate in a single PDM environment.Engineering process management

“The Teamcenter Rapid Start configuration is the right-sized solution for small to medium-sized businesses to get started with PDM,” said Sterling. “By building on the power of the Teamcenter 11 platform with preconfigured multi-CAD data management capabilities and workflows, customers have just what they need to get up and running with PDM today, secure in the knowledge that they have a growth path to PLM tomorrow.”

Performance improvements and new management tools create a compelling business case for customers considering upgrading from Teamcenter 10 to 11. Specific enhancements have been added to make certain applications more flexible and scalable. For example, Schedule Manager customers can now manage projects that are much larger than previously possible. Also, maintaining multiple Teamcenter environments gets simpler with administrative tools that make it easy to see how environments compare.

Other Teamcenter 11 enhancements include self-service capabilities that allow suppliers to work more independently while collaborating with customers, as well as improvements to streamline a customer’s ability to check their products for compliance with substance and environmental regulations.

Finally, Teamcenter 11 reduces the cost of ownership and maintenance by enhancing the ability to integrate third-party or legacy enterprise applications with common messaging, data communication and data transformation capabilities. With web-based data federation, customers can access information from external systems without duplicating or re-entering data.

Teamcenter 11 is available immediately.

Source: Siemens

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