Vector PREEvision tool integrates new AUTOSAR extensions

Vector`s new PREEvision version 6.5 allows round-trip design of AUTOSAR architectures. The application can now be operated in a 3-tier system environment. An adaptable user interface improves ease-of-work throughout the entire E/E product development process.

PREEvision supports the specification of a complete, AUTOSAR-compliant System Architecture, from software design, through hardware design and mapping, to communication design. Software and hardware design can be modeled graphically, and consistency checks enable early-stage design evaluation. This release adds support for partial networking according to AUTOSAR 4, and for the LIN protocol. There is support for import and export of AUTOSAR system descriptions, software component descriptions, ECU extracts and system extracts.Preevision autosar plug-in

PREEvision version 6.5 introduces an optional 3-tiered architecture that meets typical IT requirements, allows teams to work with several development branches, provides a straightforward view of the history, and supports team-wide data and file storage. The collaboration platform for team operation also includes product and release management, as well as change management. The integrated approach avoids tool-boundaries and facilitates collaboration in large teams with distributed responsibilities.AUTOSAR Software and System Design

This release of PREEvision also comes with a mechanism for the customization of user interfaces. User-specific and application-specific user interfaces that display only objects relevant to specific use cases can easily be created.

Consistent and complete E/E system modeling and reuse of design artifacts are the main sources of efficiency gains from use of such a tool. This begins with requirements and customer functions, continues with logical architecture levels for hardware and software levels – including AUTOSAR support – and extends to wire harnesses and geometry.

Source: Vector

Romain’s opinion:

This kind of tool is pretty expensive as it includes a lot of features. Do you think the gain that it brings in terms of efficiency is advantageous compared to the investment done (License costs, maintenance costs …)?

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    1. Can some one please tell me the market value of preevision tool, and the automotive companies which currently use the tool. and also what are the other tools similar to preevision.
      I have just started to learn preevision I wanted to know the impact of learning preevision tool in my career.

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