New Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS Full Bucket Racing Seats Review and Guide


The seats of the Porsche 911 GT3 have been changing and evolving since the launch of this super sports car in May 1999, adapting to the technological, safety and performance changes that current times demand.

1999 Porsche 911 GT3, 3.6 lt engine, 360 hp / 7,200 rpm. 0-100 in 4.8 s.

1999 Porsche 911 GT3

The old, very sporty, all-leather seats are no longer the same as the current Porsche 911 GT3.

The last thing that has emerged regarding the seats for this 911 model and some others, is the support that can be customized in a special way for each client through 3D printing technology, a technology that has recently been implemented by Porsche, thus giving buyers the option of enjoying a seat that molds like a glove to your body shape, just as race car driver’s seats are prepared.

But leaving aside the latest news, we will focus on dealing with the seats that this 911 GT3 model brings as standard.

The seats of Porsche vehicles are made by hand under strict quality standards, from the selection of the skins, the tonality, the search for imperfections and the computerized cut of them, make sure each piece of leather is perfect, the handmade seams are carefully crafted ensuring the seats are perfect. Part of the manufacturing process of Porsche seats can be seen below:

If you want to acquire or learn more about these magnificent seats that Porsche supplies with its GT3 model, see the variations that the two versions present GT3 produced by this manufacturer, which I explain below:


Porsche 911 GT3 2021, Engine 4.0, 500 HP / 8,250 rpm. 0-100 3.4s (PDK), 3.9s (Man)

This Porsche 911 GT3 comes standard with the so-called Sports seats Plus, with raised sidewalls, electric adjustment of the backrest and seat height and mechanical adjustment in the longitudinal direction.

The lateral flanks are upholstered in leather and the central sections of the seats in Alcantara® Black, a material made from synthetic fibers, made of 68% Polyester and 32% Polyurethane, and it has a soft texture very similar to velvet. ; the headrests display the “GT3” logo embroidered in Platinum Gray.

The seat and back flanks are cushioned in a sportier and harder way, and offer excellent lateral support. The structure of the backrest is finished in Silver Gray.

Very similar and optionally available are the Sports seats Plus with 18 electric adjustments of the seat position, among others, the flanks and the lumbar support.

GT3 Sports Seat Envolventes

Another available option are the seats sports Envolventes reinforced plastic with carbon fiber (CFK) and carbon fabric finish. They offer particularly good lateral support together with minimum weight. The longitudinal adjustment is done manually, while the height adjustment is electric.

These come with Black leather upholstery as standard, with Alcantara® seat center sections and Platinum Gray contrast bands with ‘GT3’ logo.

Lightweight Fully Wrap-Around Seats

Additionally and optionally the Porsche 911 GT3 can be equipped with Fully Wrap-Around Seats Lightweight with folding backrests, integrated chest airbag and manual height adjustment for driver and front passenger.

The structure of this seat is made of synthetic material with fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcements, with a carbon surface finish. The backrest rotation points are located very high on the flanks, allowing excellent lateral support also in the pelvic area.

The standard upholstery is in Black leather with the central sections of the seats in Alcantara®, and contrast bands in Platinum Gray with «GT3» logo.

The last option available starting next May, mentioned at the beginning of this article, is the wraparound seat, such as the Fully Surround Light Seat, which take the shape of the customer’s body and whose central part, that is, the padded area between the bench and the backrest, is partially done with a 3D printer. The good thing about this system is that, in addition to all this, it allows the user to choose between several levels of stiffness, ranging from hard to soft, going through an average.

This 3D printed Wrap Seat has advantages such as greater ergonomics, a unique design, less weight and improved comfort. This seat features a sandwich construction. A base support made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) is joined by a breathable layer composed of a mixture of materials with polyurethane, which are adhered in the manufacturing process using a 3D printer. The outer shell of this prototype seat is made of “Racetex” and has a specific perforated design to control the temperature.

For a long time now, a custom seat shell has been used for every driver in the world of professional racing, so with this seat Porsche ensures that it is giving customers of series production vehicles the opportunity to experience imported technology from careers.

Decorative leather stitching in Red

To give the interior a high-quality racing look, you can choose Red decorative leather stitching.

Depending on the seat model, they incorporate the “GT3” logo in Red on the headrests or contrast bands in Red in the central sections of the seats with the “GT3” logo. 


Porsche 911 GT3 RS, 4.0 Motor, 520 CV / 8,250 rpm. 0-100 3.2s (PDK)

This RS version of the Porsche 911, which emerged in 2004, shares the same seats of the GT3 version that we have previously reviewed. It

only differs in the <GT3RS> anagram that carries each seat of this version, in addition to the fact that it comes as standard with a completely wrap-around lightweight seat.

Other types of seats, such asalso available as an option Sports Seat Plus

and Sports Seat Wrap, are, all with the logo on the headrest

Even though all of these seating options, including the one customized through 3D printing, are available When buying this vehicle, they are not available as an after-sales purchase option. Each part of the seats is available as an original spare part, including the base, leather covers in different shades, etc.

AFTERMARKET Porsche GT3 SEATS (Not original from the factory)

There are many brands of seats that make great products for this super sports car, the variety of models, styles, quality and prices (much cheaper than the originals) is extensive and I am going to point out just some of the most important:


This brand offers a wide variety of seats in different styles and models, and on its website all the dimensions of each product are available, which will facilitate the selection of the most suitable model for your vehicle. The website allows direct purchase.


This brand offers seats that are standard in some brands and models of renowned high-performance sports, which ensures a high level of quality in its products, as well as of a great variety of models, combination of materials, textures and colors. The website refers you to a nearby distributor if you want to purchase any of their products.


This company brings together a set of brands all specialized in seats, accessories and more, with a range of products ranging from racing seats to classic car seats , including bases for seats and different types of harnesses. Its website allows direct purchase.

Other seat making videos that might interest you:



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