New MANN-FILTER air filter for Mercedes Actros

MANN-FILTER presents a new air filter element for the Mercedes-Benz Actros which achieves weight and material savings of over 30% during service, compared with its predecessor. The key to this resource-conserving solution: when service is required, the mechanic needs to change only the air filter element. The cover, weighing 1.8 kilos, is a lifetime part which remains in the vehicle. If the entire Actros fleet in western Europe were fitted with the green and yellow MANN-FILTER solution from MANN+HUMMEL, the environmental impact would be over 585 tonnes less plastic per year if the filter is changed once a year – a definite reduction

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right” alt=”Mann Filter Actros polyester fibers” title=”Mann Filter Actros polyester fibers” height=”300″ width=”200″][/image_frame]
The new air filter provides additional environmental benefits: instead of producing a support casing, the filtration specialist is applying spiral wound technology. Special polyester fibers replace the metal, plastic or paper casing of the filter element. The fibers are wound at differing widths around the filter element, stabilizing the pleats evenly along the entire length of the filter. Compared with a metallic, plastic or paper casing, the fibers create lower flow resistance, thus reducing pressure loss, which in turn optimizes filtration performance and fuel economy. In this way, the filtration specialist is conserving resources and helping to save energy in the production process. Incineration of the filter elements substantially reduces CO2 emissions.

The closely wound fibers in the upper part of the filter element also give extra grip protection for the mechanic, helping to avoid damage to the filter pleats. Spiral wound technology increases the stability of the filter, even when for example, there is ingress of moisture when driving in the rain. The filter thus maintains a better supply of air to the engine, even under unfavorable operating conditions. Noise is muffled through the design of the air filter element seal.

Another advantage: economy. The new MANN-FILTER solution is lower in cost than the previous version.


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