The Michelin Challenge Design 2014

Michelin announced the theme for its 2014 Michelin Challenge Design™ competition; Driven/Undriven: The Duality of Tomorrow’s Automobiles. For the challenge, participants are asked to explore the human connection to a vehicle and address the potential of autonomous motoring, as it opens new possibilities in automotive design.

Participants in the 2014 Michelin Challenge Design™ are encouraged to design a vehicle of the future with features and capabilities to engage drivers both in an “Undriven” autonomous mode and a “Driven” driver-controlled mode.[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right” alt=”Michelin Challenge Design poster” title=”Michelin Challenge Design poster” height=”400″ width=”250″][/image_frame]

“The strength of the Michelin Challenge Design competition is its ability to explore themes within the automotive industry that have the potential to affect vehicle and tire design worldwide,” said John Moloney, vice president of original equipment marketing, Michelin North and South America. “We continue to be surprised and delighted by the caliber or work that comes through this program and excited about what the 2014 theme will bring.”

With expected increases in populations, vehicles and traffic demands, vehicle autonomy is emerging as an essential component of future mobility systems. City planners and automotive system designers expect the car of the future will require some method of autonomous control to keep city traffic flowing.

In addition, the emotional connection with one’s vehicle has traditionally been as closely tied with driving as with the sense of freedom that vehicle ownership has delivered to generations. Now, Michelin challenges designers to explore how a vehicle can be designed to operate autonomously, while also creating an emotional connection through a “driven” mode.

Now in its twelfth year, the annual Michelin Challenge Design™ competition encourages aspiring designers from around the world to focus on design as it relates to a theme or an emerging trend in the automotive industry. The program is seeking exciting and passionate designs that employ innovative vehicle architecture and interactive technologies, without compromising functionality, safety or comfort.

The entry process and more information can be found at Final submissions are due June 1, 2013.


Source: Michelin

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