Review the Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 2500 for Your New and Used Ram Truck

The Dodge Ram 2500 is a great truck for off-roading and adding mods that can set it apart from other trucks straight off the lot. With its huge wheelbase and unparalleled towing capacity, it is perfectly suited for all kinds of aftermarket lift kits.

Figure 1: A lift kit can add a whole new dimension of style to your Dodge Ram 2500. Source:

While the stock Ram has a ground clearance of 8.6”, that may not be high enough for those who want to do serious off-roading or raise their truck’s profile. In that case, you may need bigger wheels and tires, which could require the body to be lifted or the entire suspension. Because of that, many owners might be wondering which is the best lift kit for a Dodge Ram 2500.

With so many different lift kits on the market, it can be tough to find one that you can be sure is the right fit and will give you the best possible ride. Fortunately, today’s post can help you make the best possible choice.

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Difference Between a Body Lift Kit and Suspension Lift Kit

There are two types of lift kits that are available on the market. Whichever one you choose will depend on what you are trying to do and what your reason is for lifting your Dodge Ram 2500.

Body Lift Kit

A body lift kit does not change the actual ground clearance of your truck. Instead, it lifts the body up off the frame by 2 to 3 inches. It achieves this by adding spacers in between the body mounts and the truck’s standard mount bushings. This will raise your truck’s profile and give it a taller, more heavy duty look.

Figure 2: A lift kit can increase your truck’s performance in an off-road situation. Source:

The benefit of using a body lift kit is that it will not affect your truck’s ride at all. Since it only raises the body, it is merely a style choice. It is also a much easier job to do and the kits themselves are on the lower end of the price spectrum. However, if you are looking to do more serious off-roading, a suspension lift kit might be your best option.

Suspension Lift Kit

When looking for the best lift kit for a Dodge Ram 2500, a suspension kit might be a great choice. Suspension lift kits work by lengthening the struts and suspension of your truck. This has the effect of raising all the other parts of the truck’s body and chassis.

The best thing about a suspension lift is that it will give you more ground clearance and room for much bigger wheels and tires. By raising the entire suspension, you can adjust the ride to your own specifications and customize your truck’s ride to meet your needs.


What Makes a Great Lift Kit for a Dodge Ram 2500?

An important thing that you should look for when searching for the best lift kit for a Dodge Ram 2500 is the build quality. Having quality components and parts will ensure that your truck’s performance is just as good if not better than before the kit was installed. While this is important for a body kit, it is even more important for a suspension kit.

The components that come with the kit should be made of a brushed or chrome hardened steel. This is essential for ensuring the structural integrity of your truck’s suspension. The best lift kits for a Dodge Ram 2500 are all made of this hardened, durable material and are much more likely to last the life of the truck.

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Simply put, the hallmark of a great lift kit is that it gets your truck to the height that you want. We spoke to a lift specialist at Spring Works who told us that “it’s really all about what you want. Most people are happy with a medium lift. That will get you an extra 4 or 5 inches and can look pretty good on the right truck. We don’t tell people what they should do, but that medium lift is pretty affordable.”

Figure 3: Your needs and budget will determine how tall your lift will be. Source:

The best lift kit for a Dodge Ram 2500 will be affordable and get you the profile you are looking for. It can be tempting to get too much of a lift but this has the potential for problems down the road. If you’re so inclined, you may also want to look for a kit that you can install yourself.


Sources:;; Interview with suspension specialist conducted 10/27/2020.

How Did We Pick the Best Lift Kit for a Dodge Ram 2500?

We have put together a shortlist of the best lift kits for a Dodge Ram 2500 that are currently available. With this list, you can find the kit that will fit your needs, your budget and your mechanical ability.


We went through all the kits on the market and found the 3 best lift kits for a Dodge Ram 2500. They are all solidly built with properly machined parts and include everything you need. It is important to remember that depending on how high you are lifting your truck, you may need to replace hoses and lines. Knowing this beforehand can streamline your lift kit’s installation.

We also made sure to include both body lift kits and suspension lift kits. Depending on your needs, any of the below shortlisted kits will be perfectly acceptable.


1.   Performance Accessories 3-Inch Body Lift Kit

Figure 4: This body lift kit is easy to install and affordable. Source:

This body lift kit by Performance Accessories is easy to install and built to last. The lift blocks are made of high pressure, fiberglass reinforced nylon. This allows them to flex and adjust with the body itself for a more stable fit.

This kit also includes a CNC machined steering extension so you don’t have to make that modification yourself. This extension is zinc plated and made specifically to fit the Ram 2500. This solves a common issue of having to machine your own steering extension and is one less part that you have to modify yourself in the lift process.

It includes urethane wheel-well extensions that will allow for larger wheels and tires. This kit will accommodate wheels up to 37” which is a massive upgrade from the Ram 2500’s stock 20” wheels. This is one of the ways you can get more ground clearance even without using a full suspension lift kit.

This kit will not alter your truck’s ride at all. It will still have the smooth, factory original ride that it had right off the lot. Suspension kits will alter your truck’s center of gravity and greatly affect it’s ride. By using a body lift kit, you can avoid this and keep it as smooth as possible.


2.   Icon 2.5″ Basic Lift Kit

Figure 5: New suspension kits are a convenient way to lift your entire truck’s ground clearance. Source:

This suspension lift kit by Icon is a great way to give your truck the fat, mean stance of a lifted off-roader. It will also give you the option of much bigger wheels and tires for an even higher lift.

This kit has the added benefit of being completely bolt-on. Many lift kits require some sort of cutting or welding in order to be properly installed. This Icon kit doesn’t need anything more complicated than a wrench or socket set.

This kit comes complete with 2.0 VS Internal Reservoir shocks. These shocks are made of both brushed and chrome hardened steel. They will give your truck a lift of 2.5 more inches for a new ground clearance of 11.1” on a Dodge Ram 2500.

When installing a suspension lift kit, it is always a good idea to get your truck realigned. Oftentimes, the axles will be moved out of alignment even with the most careful installation. While this Icon kit is easy to install, you may end up wanting to seek out the help of a shop for the final adjustments.


3.   McGaughys 8″ Premium Lift Kit

Figure 6: A complete rebuild of your suspension with this kit is a great way to get your truck an extreme-looking stance. Source:

For those searching for a wild, modded look, this suspension kit by McGaughys is the best lift kit for a Dodge Ram 2500. It gets you a whopping 8” of height for a final ground clearance of 16.6”. It is sure to be a head turning modification combined with high performance components.

This kit includes an entire new suspension system. The truck’s trackbar will have to be relocated and there are many extensions that need to be made in order for everything to fit and function. This kit comes with everything you need to get your Ram lifted and back out on the road or track.

This kit will change your truck’s center of gravity and its ride. Because of all the adjustments that need to be made to compensate for this change, it is recommended that you have a certified shop do the installation for you. While this will add to the budget of the project, you will be happy you did it correctly in the long run.