MBtech supports Daimler AG with developing a new hybrid drive system

The MBtech Group contributes to a hybrid development project at Daimler AG. The task of the engineering and consulting company is to integrate combustion engines, transmissions and high-voltage technology together with energy storage into efficient hybrid vehicles, and also to support and validate new developments.

MBtech will support the upcoming project for Daimler from its competence center for hybrid vehicles and electro-mobility. Located in Sindelfingen, it currently provides a service portfolio which ranges from support by individual experts to realizing turnkey projects for alternative drive technologies. The goal is to expand the competence center by the end of 2015 to include at least 80 experts and establish the necessary infrastructure.[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”MBtech Electromobility strategy” title=”MBtech Electromobility strategy” height=”459″ width=”650″]https://www.car-engineer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/MBtech-hybrid-drives-illustration.jpg[/image_frame]

The intelligent combination of efficient combustion engines and electric drives is a key element of current powertrain development trends with a view toward sustainable mobility. Ideally, specially developed components for hybrid drives are utilized which offer extensive flexibility with regard to performance and the range of applications. As a result, electric drives and batteries can be combined with the efficient and powerful combustion engines with a broad array of specifications to create powertrains. This allows both high-performance and consumption-oriented variants of the hybrid drive to be implemented.

The engineers of employees at MBtech’s competence center will initially modify and enhance Daimler’s existing hybrid components to enable them to be integrated into future models. The aim is to achieve a perfectly integrated powertrain system. “The first development work for the new powertrain architecture and the implementation of the high voltage system concepts are already on our project agenda”, explains Thomas Harr, responsible for the Powertrain Division at MBtech.

“Electrifying the drive system is the key to greater efficiency and environmental compatibility. We are very pleased to support Daimler with utilizing the major potential of hybrid drives.”

Source: MBtech

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