Expert Kenda Tires Review and Information

How do I need to know if I have Kenda tires?

Kenda tires come standard with a limited warranty. This covers defects in material or workmanship for five years after the manufacturing date. The DOT number stamped on the sidewall can be used to determine this. Source URL

What is the warranty on Kenda Klever RT tires?

Kenda Klever RT does not come with a tread warranty. The brand’s limited warranty covers it. Kenda will replace defective tires within the first 2/32 inches of tread life free of charge. Kendas will replace any defective tires that are found after that point and up to five years after the date of manufacture. Source URL

What size tires does a Kenda Klever AT have?

Kenda strives to provide a product that is quiet and comfortable for drives. The Klever MT comes in sizes from 15-17 inches, with load ratings up to E. All sizes come with a 60K-mile tread life warranty. Source URL

What is the price of Kenda Vezda Touring tires?

According to Kenda spokespeople, the tire will be priced approximately 20-25% lower than Tier 1 competitors in this sector and offer comparable performance in most attributes, as well as superior braking and wet handling. Source URL

Is Kenda a good brand for off road tires?

We can’t make blanket statements about Kenda’s tires being good or bad. Different tires compare in different ways. They have a solid reputation for reliability and quality and fit in as a tier-two option for those who want solid performance without the high price of a top-tier brand. We recommend the Klever MT and Klever A/T2 off-road tires. Source URL