Dana Launches Spicer™ iPad Application for Aftermarket Customers

Dana Holding Corporation has developed its first iPad application, Spicer™ for iPad, to provide its aftermarket customers with convenient access to key product and service information.
The free Spicer™ app is now available for download and features calculators, a literature library, and an easy-to-use graphic interface.  A driveline angle calculator helps customers determine the appropriate driveline angle in order to ensure performance, safety, and proper driveline functionality.  In addition, a critical driveshaft RPM calculator helps check the safe operating speed to prevent damage to the driveshaft.  The literature library features service manuals, product brochures, part catalogs, bulletins, and more about Spicer driveline products for light-, commercial-, and off-highway-vehicles.[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”Spicer application” title=”Spicer application”]https://www.car-engineer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/spicer-for-ipad.jpg[/image_frame]

“At Dana, we look to make our trusted and reliable products more accessible to our customers across the globe,” said Bill Gryzenia, vice president and general manager for the Dana Aftermarket.  “By developing this high-quality, easy-to-use tool, our customers have a convenient place to receive product information to meet their unique aftermarket needs.”

The Spicer™ app is available from the iTunes App Store and can be downloaded for free by searching “Spicer for iPad.”

Dana previewed the app’s capabilities during the 2012 Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world.

The iPad app complements the launch of Dana’s newly redesigned Spicer™ parts website – www.spicerparts.com – which the company unveiled earlier this year.

Source: Dana

[titled_box title=”Romain Nicolas opinion:”]
This trend to provide workers some mobile devices to have access to information is pretty benefic. Indeed, it makes them save some repair time, make fewer errors and capitalize on what they do. According to me this is a pretty profitable investment (Mobile device and apps) with which you will have a fast return on investment. What do you think?

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