Volvo Car Group and Ericsson join forces to deliver global connected car services

Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) and Ericsson will jointly advance the technical development of industry-leading innovations for automotive internet services. Volvo Cars’ expertise in driver behavior and traffic security requirements, along with Ericsson’s consulting and systems integration expertise, will be used to define and select services.

  • Connected Vehicle Cloud based on Ericsson’s Multiservice Delivery Platform will provide infotainment, apps and communication services in new Volvo cars
  • Drivers and passengers will benefit from cloud-enabled services and applications
  • Managed Services, Consulting and Systems Integration provided by Ericsson

Volvo Cars and Ericsson will work together to build the ecosystem around the connected car. The car has a natural role in the networked society and anyone who benefits from connecting to the car will have the possibility to do so. The solution covers all Volvo Cars markets around the globe and is run as a Managed Service by Ericsson.

“We clearly see that cars in the near future will integrate the same level of digital services that consumers today are used to have in their homes or at work. This is a strategically important part of Volvo Cars’ investments for the future where we intend to take a leading position,” said Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President Product Strategy and Vehicle Line Management at Volvo Cars.

The driver will be able to download applications, create an on-line service booking and interact with partners through the Connected Vehicle Cloud built on Ericsson’s Service Enablement Platform.

“Ericsson is a perfect partner for Volvo Cars, bringing extensive experience and global technology understanding to the table. On top of this both companies share the same ambition to develop industry-leading solutions in line with our shared vision of the future based on a networked society,” said Lex Kerssemakers.

The partnership is focused on the rapid development of Volvo Cars’ stand-alone scalable product architecture (SPA). However, connected car services will roll out in all new Volvo cars beforehand in order to position Volvo Cars with industry-leading solutions and services.

Source: Volvo Car Group

[titled_box title=”Romain Nicolas opinion:”]

It seems that connected cars and multimedia is the current trend for high-end segment. It is also establishing in mass market segment, but much slower and for some key vehicles only. Do you think that such devices can cause attentiveness loss for the driver? And if it is the case, why would Volvo, which is positioned as a leader in terms of safety, embed those technologies in its models?

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