The Microfit and GPSfit systems from Faurecia

The car incorporates more intelligent functions for the safety and comfort of passengers. The seat is no exception as evidenced by a Faurecia concept-seat unveiled at Los Angeles. World leader, Faurecia has indeed unveiled several functions and innovative products.

GPSFit pulls speed and road data from the vehicle’s GPS to determine if traffic issues are imminent, if a weather alert has been issued and other factors that will impact driving conditions down the road. GPSFit then influences the seat fit and posture settings to be a touch more appropriate for the changing nature of the task at hand.

MicroFit adds intelligence to the seat’s pneumatic system, providing an additional level of comfort and support. MicroFit uses the pneumatic system to read the pressure levels of the occupant’s body on the seat surface and automatically balances the pneumatic system, giving a touch more support to areas where too little pressure exists or relief where too much pressure is indicated.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”Microfit Faurécia systems” title=”Microfit Faurécia systems”][/image_frame]

Source: Faurecia

[titled_box title=”Romain Nicolas opinion:”]
This type of system provides real comfort and make long trips on winding roads less painful. However, in the current context of CO2 reduction, where each kilogram account, is that such a system improving comfort at the expense of the mass of the seat will be bought by the car manufacturers?

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