Delphi’s products on the new Ferrari California T

Delphi Automotive supplies technology on the new California T to increase comfort as well as reduce fuel consumption and emissions.  A long-time partner to Ferrari, Delphi supplies key components to the automaker’s new hardtop-convertible, unveiled this week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Improved software for the HVAC module

Using improved comfort algorithm software, Delphi’s dual-zone heating, ventilation and air conditioning module (HVAC), condenser and compact variable compressor help keep Ferrari passengers comfortable without sacrificing engine performance.

Optimized power and signal distribution system

Delphi developed the complete power and signal distribution system that enables proper functioning of electric and electronic systems within the new California T. Due to its full system capabilities, Delphi has provided a complete system, including wiring harnesses and electrical centers, that is lighter and further contributes to the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption.Ferrari California T

The California T is the latest Ferrari vehicle to utilize Delphi’s technologies. Delphi has worked with Ferrari since the 1990s to develop and design climate control and electrical/electronic systems to meet Ferrari’s high performance and quality demands.

Source: Delphi

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