A new solid fuel invented by Tyumen university scientists

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Professor of the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University and corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ivan Nesterov have created a new type of fuel, according to the website of the university.[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right” alt=”Ivan Nesterov” title=”Ivan Nesterov” height=”250″ width=”200″]https://www.car-engineer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/ivan-nesterov.jpg[/image_frame]

As a result of laboratory tests, Tyumen scientists have found that a solid fuel with a calorific value of about 60,000 kcal/kg (251 MJ/kg where gasoline is 44 MJ/kg) can be created. The basis for this type of fuel are brown and black coal, oil shale, tar oils and asphaltenes.

“We worked on this fuel for 30 years. The experiments were conducted in Novosibirsk at the Siberian Branch of the RAS. They consisted of irradiation of kerogens, coals, asphaltenes and other hydrocarbon compounds by electron beams, “- said Nesterov. He expressed confidence that in the future, ifs fuel could enter into use and a few tens of grams of solid fuel motors could provide work for “hundreds of year”s, with no need for refueling  “This fuel will be cheaper than gasoline.”, – assured a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Source: Tyumen State Oil and Gas University

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