Cruden to display its package of simulator services at Autosport International Show

Cruden, the world’s leading professional motion simulation company, is responding to the growth of motorsport simulators by emphasizing its complete, in-house developed product and service approach at the Autosport International show (January 10-13, 2013; NEC, Birmingham, UK; stand 6670).
In addition to designing and manufacturing customized full-motion simulator systems, the company also provides vehicle models and customer vehicle model integration and the services of its Content & Design Studio which makes all the content for the simulated environment such as tracks, cars and scenery. Furthermore, it offers ongoing consultancy support through dedicated expert project managers, which allows teams to easily commence a simulator program alongside existing sporting and engineering programs.
[blockquote cite=”Frank Kalff, Cruden commercial director”]As the simulator market grows, adoption is widening rapidly to include race teams outside of Formula 1, which we have served for many years. Additionally, the potential for simulators to support vehicle development programs, as opposed to just circuit familiarization, is now becoming more widely recognized  We are dealing with race teams that need more from their simulator supplier than just the simulator hardware. They need the kind of expertise and services that would be found in a well-funded Formula 1 team, and which Cruden can easily provide. Most leading teams, whether in sports car, NASCAR, GT or touring car racing are to some degree aware that they need access to a simulator, and not just for driver training. [/blockquote]

Cruden will be offering guests at Autosport International show the chance to drive a Hexatech Formula Style simulator.

Source: Cruden

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